Horizontal vs vertical video Ad: Why Size Matters

Any mobile device is designed to be held vertically – you can’t argue that.

Indeed, people are using their smartphones vertically about 94% of the time.

But what does it have to do with the video?

Content and especially video consumption on mobile has seen a dramatic rise versus desktop. It has proven to be the most engaging and effective way to tell stories and connect with your audience whether you’re a 19-year-old male beauty blogger or selling purple mattresses.

We don’t doubt the fact that the quality and relevance of the video content and its creativity are vital for the ad to do great, but the tests show that video format also impacts overall engagement. Let’s see how.



Studies show that vertical videos have higher completion rates compared to horizontal ones.

Specifically, viewers are 9 times more likely to watch vertical video until the end.



It also has been found that it’s cheaper to advertise with vertical videos. This test was conducted using the same exact video, the only difference was the format: vertical and square.

Vertical video ad outperformed square one on Facebook resulting in a 30% lower cost per click (CPC) and a surprising 68% lower cost per view (CPV).



All of that has quite a simple explanation: with vertical video ad you take full advantage of the mobile screen space using 57% of it versus only 23% with horizontal video.

Viewers find themselves engaged in the action that’s happening in the video without even realizing it just because of the bigger size. On the contrary, when viewers scroll their social media feed and a horizontal video ad appears, because it’s so small they can already see the next post. That instantly pulls the focus of attention from your ad, and if the next post is more relevant for the viewer, chances are he will scroll down without even watching 3 seconds of your video.



Now that you know why video size matters, you might still be wondering what it has to do with your business.

It’s not just about video content anymore. It’s about producing video that FEELS NATIVE to each platform.

And resizing video content vertically for mobile is essential for businesses and brands if they want to succeed on social media in 2019.

Read here about why you need to include video in your content plan.

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