5 Proofs You Should Include Video In Your Content Plan

Given your astute understanding of the digital landscape, it’s crucial to highlight the unique benefits that Listing videos can bring to your business. Let’s delve into why Listing videos should be integral to your content strategy.

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Merely existing in the digital world is no longer enough. In fact, with the exponential growth in online content from various sources, including users, influencers, and brands, the need to stand out has become a necessity.

The video can showcase your product, narrate its journey, captivate viewers, pique their interest, and, ultimately, drive action. This is why incorporating listing videos into your content strategy is a strategic move.

1. Market leaders use video.

There’s a reason why McDonald’s, Nike, and Apple became everyday essentials for millions of people, doubling and tripling sales from year to year, so why not learn from them? And all of them keep stepping up their digital content game.

Two out of three posts in McDonald’s Instagram feed are videos. Some are simple gifs or boomerangs, and some are more complicated commercial-like videos. 

Nike: out of the 50 latest posts, 10 are still images, and the rest are videos. 

Listing videos

2. We watch before we shop.

According to ThinkWithGoogle, almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. Mobile has changed how we shop, and brands now have to be prepared to meet the customer on their consumer decision journey, which usually starts online.

3. Videos inspire.

90% of smartphone users are still determining the brand they want to buy when shopping. Thus, to be considered, you must be there when people search for your brand inspiration and ideas.

Furthermore, creating mobile video content that inspires and provides valuable information is critical to engaging shoppers in this early stage. For instance, if you’re selling hair care products, you can make listing videos about “How to make a bob with long hair” or “5 ways to upgrade your ponytail”.

A customer can learn about your brand simply by watching how-to videos on YouTube or Facebook.

4. Videos get shared…

…And gets comments, i. e. engages. Video is shared 12x more than both links and text combined. 

Listing videos

Based on statistics from the example above, one of our first clients was the food company Orgran. They have 21k followers on Facebook, and their posts with images get, on average, 2 to 4 shares with 5 to 10 comments.

The first cooking video with a recipe using the product we created for them generated 122 shares and 504 comments. Similarly, the second one received 64 shares and 110 comments, while the third video received 112 shares and 470 comments. As you can see, videos get more shares, and your brand gets more exposure.

5. Marketing professionals name video as the best ROI content.

It is the most critical measurement for advertisers because it shows the actual effect on your financial gains and how this video contributed to your business growth.

Lastly, most Amazon sellers plan to add listing videos to their content strategy in the next year. Are you among them?

Thank you for reading this post, and please let us know what you think below. Contact us here if you want us to help you develop a content strategy.

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