About ShareItStudio

We are a data-driven Marketing Agency for Amazon Sellers, but what does that mean?

We take your brand’s data and transform it into beautiful, detail-oriented, engaging, and high-converting content.

Our goal is to fully reach your brand’s potential.

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Why Work with Us?

Revolutionize your brand with eye-catching and effective content 

Drive more traffic and sales on Amazon with powerful, high-converting content 

Elevate your Amazon game with content that captivates and converts

Work formula

In Share It Studio, we base our approach on four aspects:

Data Analysis

We start by analyzing your brand’s data to understand your consumer behavior and identify patterns and trends that can inform our marketing strategies.

Content Creation

Using insights from the data analysis, we create visually attractive and effective content that speaks to the target audience’s needs and desires.

Emotional Marketing

We use emotional marketing techniques to connect with customers on a deeper level and build trust and loyalty.

Continuous Optimization

We continuously monitor and optimize our marketing campaigns using data-driven insights to improve performance and maximize ROI.

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Meet the Team

Rafael Veloz
Founder of ShareItStudio

Mary Walls
Vice President/Art Director of ShareItStudio

Andrew Pernia
Head of Marketing

Marie Serrao
Brand Builder

Diego Martínez
Growth Manager

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Our Services

A+ Content

Increase conversions and traffic with outstanding visuals.

Amazon Product Photography

Connect with your customers with visuals that bring clicks at first sight.


Show key features of your product in a visually stimulating way.

Product Packaging

Set the tone of your product with a high-quality package.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Rank higher on Amazon product searches with our guide.

Amazon Product Video Ads

Reach a wider audience with targeted videos on Amazon websites.

Amazon Storefront

Build an effective online store to advertise your products.

Amazon Post

Increase your brand’s value by connecting with thousands of potential customers.

Amazon Brand Story

Differentiate yourself from the competition by telling your company’s story, and values.

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