Why Your Amazon Listing Needs Infographics

Infographics are images with graphics and text. They are useful when showing facts, data, instructions, and features. In the last couple of years, the usage of infographics increased from 9% to 52%. Why? Because they let you present even very complex information in a visual and straightforward way, being much easier to digest than text.

When describing your product on Amazon, you can choose writing a long list full of bullet points and keywords to explain your product’s features and benefits, but the truth is, many people don’t even bother reading the description.

Visual content is much more appealing and gets 94% more views that text-only content.

Including infographics to your listing is a great way to stand out from competition by explaining to your potential customer everything he needs to know about your product.

People read less and less anything from any website, so it is important to grab their attention in a visual way. It is important to have attractive photography of your product but you would also want to educate your consumer about it, and the product by itself might not be enough.

By using infographics, you are able to show direct and essential information the buyer will need to understand the product, showing its features, benefits or instructions on how to use it. The information would also be easier to process, avoiding confusion and more likely to engage, as 66% of people prefer well-designed images rather than simple and plain ones.

How to make effective Amazon infographics?

Adding infographics to your Amazon listing is important, but it has to be done well. Badly designed infographics will only confuse customers and make them more likely to click on another listing. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when creating an infographic for your Amazon listing:

Photography: you need to show your product in the best light possible and to do that you will need a good photography. The best way to have it is by hiring a professional to shoot the products for you. Even if the infographic design is great, but the product itself doesn’t look good, it is quite useless.

Content: the text needs to be revised by a copywriter to ensure there are no grammatical errors, and the information is as clear and precise as possible so that the buyer understands easily what the product is about. Infographics can contain information about how to use your product, what are it’s features, what makes it different from the competition using simple terms and pointing out the important parts.

Don’t try to add all the features, benefits and charts in one image because it would crowd the image and make the person feel overwhelmed. If there’s a lot of essential information you want to showcase it’s better to create a couple of infographics separating the data by theme.

Graphic design: in order for your infographic to stand out, graphic design has to be on point. It’s not enough just to make it attractive, the design has to reflect the brand in terms of style, colors, fonts, and match the other visuals of the listing.

And because Amazon allows to post a limited number of images on your listing page, infographics are a great way to show more than one photograph of the product in one image, whether as zoom in of a feature, a step-by-step or a collage.

HERE you can check the infographics we’ve made for Amazon sellers.


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