Guide To Amazon Sponsored Brand Video

Amazon Sponsored Brand Video is a powerful advertising solution that allows brands to showcase their products and tell their story through engaging video content on the Amazon platform.

By leveraging this feature, brands can capture the attention of millions of Amazon shoppers, driving increased brand awareness, product consideration, and ultimately, sales.

In our article, you’ll discover the key benefits of Sponsored Brand Video, learn how to create and optimize your video ads and explore best practices to ensure your campaign’s success.

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What is Amazon Sponsored Brand Video? 

Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos appear in the desktop and mobile shopping results, helping customers discover your brand and products as they shop on Amazon.

Keyword targeting, a cost-per-click model, and direct links to product detail pages where customers can learn more and purchase make these ads highly effective.

Why you need Amazon Sponsored Brands Video for your product

Most likely you already know how extremely hard it is to make your product stand out from the dozens of other simple product images on a white background.

Furthermore, Sponsored Brand Videos reach customers in their research phase and instantly grab shoppers’ attention while they browse search results, making this new ad format a great tactic to increase clickthrough rate and conversions.

How can you make the best out of Amazon Sponsored Brand Video?  

Firstly, to maximize your conversion rate, we (and Amazon) recommend you keep in mind the following best practices:

1. Focus on your product: Videos that show the product within the first seconds typically perform better than those that don’t.

2. Keep it short: Even though your sponsored brand video can be up to 45 seconds in length, data shows that 15-30 seconds is the optimal video length that allows you to get your message across and ensures laser focus on your main selling point.

3. Don’t rely on audio: By default, the video always plays without sound unless the person enables the sound by tapping the mute button, so opt for on-screen text titles instead of voice-over.

4. Optimize titles: To ensure text can be easily read on smaller screen devices choose bolder and bigger

Likewise, make sure the video meets the following requirements before uploading it:

  1. Video duration has to be between 6 and 45 seconds.
  2. Supported video dimensions are 1920 x 1080px, 1280 x 720px, or 3840 x 2160px.
  3. The file size has to be smaller than 500MB.
  4. The file format has to be .MP4 or .MOV
  5. The aspect ratio is 16:9.

Here’s an example of a video we made that meets all Amazon requirements:

In conclusion, an amazing Sponsored Ads Video will showcase your product effectively. Still, if you need professional help, we’re here to help you!

Schedule a call with us now and get ready to boost your sales.

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