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You already know what A+ Content is, its basics, and its modern rules, but you might want some inspiration to create it and have the best performance!

Below, you’ll find some of the best A+ Content Amazon examples, so you can get inspiration and guidance to learn what’ll work best for your brand and your product. 

Before analyzing the Amazon A+ Content examples, though, we need to define two important categories of A+ Content: Basic A+ Content and Premium A+ Content.

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Basic A+ Content

Every seller with a Brand Registry can access it for free, it has 5 divisions and gives you the option to use images and text. It is quite useful and, only with those basic things, will boost your listing and increase your conversion rates. 

In this option, you have 12 modules available (of which you can post 5, remember) with a maximum width of 970px and, logically, it’s compatible with mobile! That way even your on-the-go clients can enjoy the full shopping experience A+ Content provides.

Premium A+ Content

Its price point ranges between $250k and $500k a year, and it allows brands to flesh the experience to the max; with it, you can make interactive infographics, put links on it, videos, etc. It permits you to have a width of up to 1464px and gives you access to 16 new interactive models, on top of the free 12. From those, you can post up to 7.

Basic Amazon A+ Content examples:

Thyroid Supplement – CogniTune 

Amazon A+ Content Examples

CogniTune offers a Premium Thyroid Support Supplement, to help restore and rejuvenate thyroid health while stabilizing the body’s hormones and protecting against hypothyroidism. In the first module, we see its brief definition and the package.

In the second module, we see the importance of the thyroid gland and the benefits of a healthy thyroid. Also, the infographic is accompanied by a lifestyle image of a healthy woman, to transmit wellness and health.

The third module tells us about the all-natural ingredients that are part of Thyroid Support and what’s the reasoning behind having all of them. Behind the infographic, we have a lifestyle image without a model, but it still works in transmitting to us that all of its ingredients are fully natural.

In the fourth module, we get a testimonial to compliment the product and its efficacy. We also have another lifestyle image of the woman stretching with a calm expression, so anyone who sees it can feel more at ease.

In the last module, there are some badges to highlight the testing of the product, the ingredients it doesn’t have (which is key for the customer), and the manufacturing place. Added to all this, there is an offering of a full refund if the product doesn’t completely satisfy the customer, to imbue even more confidence in the buyer. Everything, of course, is presented in a premium format.

Nu Rest – CogniTune

We have another product from CogniTune!

As you can see, Nu Rest has a different approach than Thyroid Supplement towards A+ Content, where all the images had approximately the same height and had an orange tint. That’s to prove that even products from the same brand won’t necessarily have the same type of A+ Content.

In the first module, we have a very brief introduction to the product, and what’s contained in each serving, with a lifestyle image of a woman sleeping peacefully, with her Nu Rest on the night desk.

In the second module, we have the main function of Nu Rest and what it does to help you have a good night’s rest, paired with a lifestyle image of the woman feeling refreshed.

The third module tells the ingredients and shows the size of the pill compared to the hand so that customers can get a better idea of its size. The infographic also shows pictures of the herbs, so people can associate them faster. 

The fourth module highlights the benefits of using Nu Rest briefly. Its image suggests that the woman is taking her pill to sleep well.

Finally, the fifth module is similar to its counterpart on Thyroid Support; it mentions the ingredients it doesn’t contain, its advantages over the competition, and the manufacturing place. All of this is to make the customer feel more confident about the product.

Dispenova Soap Dispenser

This product is from a different department!

While CogniTune is part of Health & Household, Dispenova is from Home & Kitchen. Because of that, you’ll notice the different intentions of the A+ Content. 

In the first module, we have a statement for the product, paired with a lifestyle image of a girl and her mom washing their hands.

The second module shows us an infographic on how to use Dispenova in four easy steps highlighting its ease of use. 

The third module highlights every space in which the product can be used, from hotels to hospitals. It’s paired with a lifestyle image of two young women in a bathroom, with Dispenova mounted seamlessly on the wall.

In the fourth module, we have the advantages that the product has when compared to the competition, accompanied by a lifestyle image of Dispenova pouring soap onto a sponge.

The final module shows us the three different variations of the product so that people do not feel limited to just one color that might not fit their house or the house of the person they’re gifting it to.


Creating highly effective Amazon A+ Content is not easy, but with a thorough analysis of your customer persona you can convey the right message to your audience

If you want to look at more Amazon A+ Content examples you can watch our portfolio or you can schedule a free marketing consultation with our team of experts

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