5 Tips On How To Crash This Black Friday And Cyber Monday!

Amazon Black Friday is right around the corner, and right after it comes Cyber Monday. These “shopping holidays” are the best opportunity to step up your game and place yourself next to your biggest competitors!

Last year, Adobe Analytics published a report stating that Cyber Monday in 2018 generated the most online sales (in the US) for a single event day (EVER!!!). The total result of all companies was about $7.9 billion in revenue.

So, if you haven’t considered being part of many companies that take advantage of these great days for selling businesses, better late than never! Here are 5 tips for you to stand out from the competition:

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1. Email Marketing is a MUST

This tool is your best friend for starting to sell before and a little after these special days. 

Reminding your customers that Black Friday is coming will help them get your brand on their minds. And if they didn’t get a chance to shop for everything they wanted, they would still have you to make them happy!

What is the best way to get their attention? Flashy titles and, of course, beautiful visual content of your products.

However, it’s crucial not to overdo it. While some clients might appreciate the enthusiasm, others may feel overwhelmed and unsubscribe. Remember, these days are about growth, not losing customers.

2. Extended Sales and Offers

Who says Black Friday has to end that same day? Let’s remember this season is all about shopping, and customers who lost the Monday and Friday offers will start looking for Christmas ones. So, the sooner you give them those surprise sales, the better!

amazon black friday

3. Free Shipping

Sometimes, discounts can be tricky depending on your product, but the delivery is the same for everyone. There’s nothing shoppers love more than the word “Free” on their screen.

If you give them the chance to spend extra money on more products instead of shipping, you’ll have them eating at the palm of your hand.

amazon black friday

4. Social Media

Advertising Campaigns are one of the most effective ways to attract shoppers to buy your products, and 2019 has proven that Social Media has the most significant user traffic out of all other internet services.

If it is not too late, open your Facebook and Instagram accounts now and start thinking about what you can do! And if this doesn’t work, start planning ahead, and next year, you will have thousands of followers willing to give you their money.

amazon black friday

5. Catchy headlines

How you sell the offers during Amazon Black Friday has to give the shopper the feeling that they are missing something. This is why Megan from MailerLite recommends “Urgent,” “Discount,” “Black Friday,” and “Cyber Monday” as subject lines or Titles on your images.

Now you know what to consider for this year’s biggest online sale. Remember: Better late than never!

So contact us here, and let’s work together.

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