Why Your Amazon Listing Needs Enhanced Brand Content

Every day, new sellers join the race that is becoming an Amazon Seller, and though the company already helps its users with new features to take advantage of like videos on your listings, or certified seller profiles, there are still a few options that you might not be taking care of.

One of these options we are talking about is Amazon’s EBC or Enhanced Brand Content. This very beneficial feature, allows you to level up your listing with clean, customized, visually rich content.

On regular seller listings, your product description is limited to a few images on the thumbnail section and a short HTML description (just text) that doesn’t really stand out. EBC, on the other hand, is meant to give you a structured design that allows you to add up to 9 different images (+ 6 others on the thumbnail list) and an even longer description!

However, these two are not the only benefits of Enhanced Brand Content, here’s a list with more advantages you’re missing on:

1. It’s completely free! (For now)

All of the features we mentioned before, plus a bunch of others for the price of nothing at all! Does it get better than that?

Nonetheless, Amazon announced that this is only a free period, and eventually there will be a fee that sellers will have to pay to use EBC. But, if you apply early, you won’t be charged at all. Are there any excuses for you not to be working on Enhanced Brand Content for your listing now?

2. It allows you to add videos to your listing

As most of you know, adding videos to your Amazon Listing is a tricky process, for which you must be a certified seller, or pay to become one to get your video under the “Recommended” tab.

EBC also requires you to be a certified seller, so by getting certified, you not only get a new listing design, but also the option of adding an amazing video to your thumbnail list!

3. Get more clients and engage even more!

We’ve discussed how visuals are the most important thing when selling on Amazon or any other e-commerce sites. Imagine what the difference between a short paragraph and a whole website-like layout can do.

According to Amazon SEO Consultant, Enhanced Brand Content can grab the attention of potential buyers faster than other Amazon Listings, because of its high number of images. It also reduces the “bounce off” from users, meaning, they’re more interested in what you have to say than what a normal profile does, and spend more time scrolling through your listing.

4. Better reviews and far fewer returns

Because this tool allows you to give a more in-depth look into the product and a detailed description, it really helps out on the client’s expectations and opinion about your product before making the actual purchase, which means that you will both be on the same page and this results with fewer returns and better reviews!

5. Share your story


In our article about bringing storytelling to your sales strategy, we mention the importance of creating a connection with each of our clients through a story.

Thanks to EBC, you’re able to tell your brand’s story through images and text, which increases conversion rates and obviously, sales. The more attached your clients feel to your brand, the more loyal they’ll be to it.

6. Simple layout options and upload process


The complicated part of building websites is the designing and programming process, which is hard to manage without seeking professional help. That’s not the case with Enhanced Brand Content! it gives you 5 pre-designed layouts to choose from where you can place your images and text without any complications. However, you can still create your own template (again, without any programming).


As you can see, Enhanced Brand Content is a great tool to make your Amazon Listing generate more sales, engage better with clients and stand out from the competition.


It is a free Amazon service for Certified Sellers that are looking to plan their listing’s design and fill it with visually rich content.


If you’re looking to make your Amazon Listing stand out, and need someone to help you with the design, contact us here and get your custom proposal!

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