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  • Test Your Images & Get Real Feedback with 25% off. We’re PickFu-Certified!

    Following our victory in “The Amazing Listing” competition powered by PickFu, in partnership with Helium 10 and e-commerce expert seller Kevin King, that challenged 4 agencies across the globe to reinvent a hand sanitizer listing, we became a part of PickFu Agency Program and now are certified to run polls on behalf of our clients… […]

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  • 6 Graphic Design 2021 Trends You Have To Know!

    Year after year, trends come and go. From fashion to marketing, every creator is looking for new ways to make their art different, innovative, and mostly stand out from the rest of the industry. Graphic design, in its physical or digital form, is definitely not the exception. For us, Amazon content is our main interest, […]

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  • Advertising on Amazon: What is a Sponsored Display?

    As an Amazon-oriented company, we’re always looking to stay on top of the trends that will help our sellers achieve the best results. Your win is our win! We’ve already talked about Sponsored Brands Video to help you advertise your brand and products in one of the most effective ways. Today’s blog will teach you […]

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  • 2021 Marketing Guide for Ecommerce & Amazon Sellers

    We definitely did not expect the excitement and growth the pandemic brought to e-commerce, but we are more than grateful for all of the projects we were a part of, and to every single one of our clients who trusted us and let us accompany them in the process of adapting to such a complex […]

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