Amazon News: Demand-Side Platform

Amazon News: Demand-Side Platform

Believe it or not, some of the best parts of Amazon aren’t just selling, or raking high in categories. We believe that this amazing platform is always looking to help its users (no matter if you’re a seller or a shopper) and this new DSP feature is no exception. Keep reading to hear more about it!


DSP allows advertisers who want to buy display, video, and audio ads to do so at scale. You can reach any audience wherever they are and through whatever device, or platform they’re using. Here are its features:

1. Reach exclusive audiences

This feature allows you to run ads inside and outside of Amazon, meaning you have the opportunity of expanding your audience and bring new clients to your websites or listings!

2. Access unique inventory

Reach audiences through Amazon-owned websites, apps, or devices. From the desktop version to Fire Tv, third-party sellers, and even sites not related to Amazon, you will be able to reach them all!

3. Appear in brand-safe parties

Amazon provides you with safety and real-time impression reviewing to make sure the results you’re getting are authentic, and that you’re not being charged for fraudulent metrics.

4. Build metric-based strategies

You will have access to insights and performance reports before and after campaigns, so you understand what is driving results with no additional cost!

Who can use Amazon DSP?

Any advertiser that sells inside or outside of Amazon is able to use it.

It also offers self-services (you are in full control) and managed services (you have consultants if you don’t have much experience).

How can I use it?

To support a wide variety of advertising goals! Here are some examples:

a. For customers that have already visited your product page, you can retarget them to your listing, which will give you a bigger chance of them making the purchase.

b. To reach audiences outside of Amazon, to drive more brand awareness and expand it with a video that gives them insight into what your best products are, how they work, and their features.

This is a Case Study amazon did with the brand “The Honest Company” where they tested DPS in and outside of Amazon to reach new audiences.

Where is Amazon DSP available?

In several countries across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Finally, even though it might be confused with Sponsored Brands, Product, Display, or Video ads, they do have some differences:

a. Sponsored Ads are self-service with some campaign automations.

b. DPS allows you to choose from having self-service or a supervised, consulting service, and is completely customizable so you reach the best results for your brand.

As we said at the beginning, Amazon is always offering new ways for your brand to grow and perform the best possible across all devices and platforms. And this is yet another way in which you can invest to bring clients and shoppers to your brand!

However, this is just one step out of many to follow the road to success, is your listing ready, do you have a good product video? Contact us here for a free marketing consultation, and let’s get going!

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