6 Graphic Design 2021 Trends You Have To Know!

6 Graphic Design 2021 Trends You Have To Know!

Year after year, trends come and go. From fashion to marketing, every creator is looking for new ways to make their art different, innovative, and mostly stand out from the rest of the industry. Graphic design, in its physical or digital form, is definitely not the exception.

For us, Amazon content is our main interest, so we’ve been reading all about the new 2021 trends to make sure the pieces we deliver this year will look modern, beautiful and make your listing go through the roof in sales. Keep reading to find out how you can be a part of these trends!

1. Color of the Year by Pantone

This isn’t exactly a trend, but when it comes to refreshing your look and feel, or even when starting your own business, Pantone and its matching system might be a great help to catch everyone’s attention!

For those of you who don’t know what Pantone is, it is a company based in New Jersey better known for its Color Matching System. It takes care of identifying, comparing, and communicating color for many industries such as fashion, product, printing, and graphic design.

Since 2000, the Pantone Institute has taken care of declaring a color of the year chosen by experts or specialists in the color standardizing area. They usually debate for over two days and decide the color according to different present situations. They’ve been known for choosing colors like yellow, in situations where the world needs “light”, or purple when they want to “inspire innovation and creativity”.

This year’s Pantone Colors are Ultimate Gray & Illuminating, two beautifully complementary colors that represent union and support, while also working as independent tones.

Here are more examples of colors of the year through the last 20 years:

2. Retro Design: Colors and Nostalgia

There’s one thing we all must be looking out for in the present and that is the fact that old trends are coming back, and not just in design or art, but everywhere around us! Pop Art and Psychedelia are just some examples!

Pop Art is all about colors and modern elements, it’s a great way to highlight and transform images into elegant pieces.

Psychedelia is creative, experimental, and it encourages you to open your mind and let it fly!

3. Symbolism: Representation, Feelings, and Stories

One of the most important characteristics of new generations is that they fight for what they stand for, and they’re always looking for representation on the things that matter. This is something that easily translates into the design.

Symbolism takes important figures or icons of history and transforms them into pieces that tell stories people will connect with. This is especially important for brands that are just creating their image or doing a brand refreshment.

Make sure you research the roots of your businesses and that’s exactly what will point you into images that will bring new customers and permanent clients to your company.

4. Nature: Serenity, Renewal, and Growth

Some would say the nostalgia of being confined for almost all of 2020, inspired all creators to express their eagerness to be outside, in green spaces with fresh air through beautiful pieces. How do they achieve this? Though the most obvious option might be using leaves, flowers, or just beautiful sceneries; earthy color schemes are also trendy along with just greens!

5. Texture: Realness, Sensations, and Depth

Plain pieces are definitely in the past. Just as with symbolism, the texture trend is all about feeling connected to what we’re looking at. We want to see pieces that feel real-to-the-touch, something that can give us a sense of what the artist was thinking when creating it.

6. Color Simplicity: Monochrome, Complementation, and Modernism

Duotone and monochrome designs allow designers to create a structured and harmonic atmosphere. Since people are spending more time in front of their computers, this trend solves the need for more relaxed, calm themes for sites with color being one of the answers, holding a site together as a unified whole, and emphasizing the emotive effect of color.

And even though it might seem too simple to some people, we could say it brings elegance to the piece, and it actually allows the objects of the composition to really pop out.

Need help implementing some of these trends in your brand’s visuals or your Amazon listing? We’d be more than happy to help. Contact us here and let’s make your brand trendy and eye-catching!

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