Case Study: How We Created a Product Demo Video that Generates 7.36 Return On Ad Spend

Case Study: How We Created a Product Demo Video that Generates 7.36 Return On Ad Spend

We consider one of our best attributes as a company is the way we treat each product as our own, and each client as our business partner. We’ve had many clients come back to us because the content we create for them gives them great results, and Amazon Seller Travis’ success story is no exception.

Keep reading below to find out how our next post could be all about you and your product’s successful result!

Travis first reached out to us in November 2019, over a year ago. He wanted us to create a product video for his shaker bottle and as every client, he had important requirements, and some of his were that the client had to be fully informed on the features and functionality of the product while also portraying why it was worth the higher price.

So as a team, we planned an informative video that portrayed the premium quality of the bottle. Let’s look at how we did that below:


First, we filmed the video on a black background and used dynamic lighting. Additionally, we included a hand model that would actually show some of the product’s most important features such as how easy it is to clean. We really focused on the main product features, showing how to use it and really highlighting the quality of the bottle. We then added text titles to support the narrative and created an engaging and upbeat edit.

What were the results?

Back in November, a year after Travis first reached out, we followed up with him to check how his listing was doing and if our video had any results. What we discovered was truly amazing! His listing was generating around 150 sales MONTHLY although he stressed that before the pandemic the number was twice higher. Of course, we asked him if he could tell us more about how he thought our video helped him achieve that, and only then he told us he created a sponsored brand video ad with the footage we created for him.

His video generated a 7.36:1 ROAS ratio once he invested in sponsoring brands ad! How does this translate to sales? After investing slightly the cost of one (1) bottle, he received 11 orders. How great is that?

But, how do we know this is a good result?

There’s no “right” answer or a good/bad result, however, a common ROAS benchmark is a 4:1 ratio in ad spend. In Travis’ investment case, the ratio is almost double so it would be fair to say it’s not just “good”, it’s actually great!

Wait, and how much did the video cost?

Well, it all looks even better when we consider his initial investment in the video. It cost Travis $900, and based on this listing’s yearly revenue, the ROI is 100:1 which is absolutely exceptional considering a good one is 5:1!

Now that you know exactly how big your return on investment can be, what stops you from adding a video to your listing?

What can I do to get his, or even better results?

It’d be our pleasure to help you achieve amazing results, so please feel free to contact us now to schedule a video commercial or photography consultation where we’ll talk about your listing, your product’s best qualities, your competitors, and what you can do to achieve even better results.

Let’s start the new year with the right mindset: today is a great time to start!

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