Get Ready for 2020 Holiday Season: Amazon Advertising Tips

Get Ready for 2020 Holiday Season: Amazon Advertising Tips

In the previous blog post from this series, we talked about the shifts in consumers’ shopping behavior that’s gonna shape the 2020 holiday season. Now it’s time to discuss how you can make the most out of advertising your product on Amazon during the peak shopping period.

We’ve gathered some tips from the Amazon 2020 holiday webinar to help you get started.

1. Review previous and active campaigns to understand how you can use the learnings of what has worked or is already working for you.

2. Set daily budgets to at least 200% more or higher than your typical budget, so you don’t risk ads being paused while customers are still shopping.

3. Use multiple advertising tactics to help increase your reach, boost the visibility of your products, and drive incremental sales during the key holiday shopping period. Consider running Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Display campaigns in addition to launching and optimizing Stores.

Advertisers who used Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products together observed 1.5x higher conversion rate and 24% higher ROAS, compared to advertisers that used only Sponsored Products.

Additionally, advertisers who used multiple tactics with Sponsored Display were able to drive 3% more incremental sales and improve their total aggregated ROAS by 3.8x when combined with Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands.

4. Test variables like headline copy featured products, and destination pages two to three weeks before key holiday timing.

5. Help improve discoverability by adding deals for promoted products to feature the deal badge.

6. Adapt campaign settings by using all targeting defaults for both keywords– and product-based targeting to ensure your campaigns reach relevant audiences.

Reading all of this makes us want to start a listing ourselves! But we are really here to help you make your product look beautiful and become one of Amazon’s most successful listings, which is why we’ve created a Holiday Content Menu that can help you achieve that goal this upcoming season! So contact us here and let’s get started.

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