5 Tips On How to Crush This Holiday Season

5 Tips On How to Crush This Holiday Season

All throughout this year, we have had to come out of our comfort zones to find joy in things we never imagined we could find joy in before. One of the things we’ve learned to love even more than ever (if that’s even possible), is shopping online. According to Statista, there are 2.05 billion online shoppers in 2020, and they expect that e-commerce sales hit $6.5 trillion by 2023.


We already know how important it is to be on top of the latest shopping trends and user behavior studies, but especially this year, you should be thinking about going the extra mile to reward those customers who stayed with you and were loyal to your brand this crazy full-of-events year.

Thanks to Facebook and their Holiday Package, we are able to know what people will be looking for from brands this next season. But since we’re looking for ways to give our shoppers that rewarding and joyful experience, here is some advice and ideas from our friends at Facebook:

Shopping is a positive experience already, let’s make it easier and even better!

It doesn’t matter if it’s for ourselves, or our loved ones. There is just something about seasonal shopping that feels really good. On our last blog, we talked all about core values and how self-care, social connection, and identity can shape us as human beings.

Shopping for ourselves can be a form of self-care and at the same time part of our identity, whereas shopping for others is a big part of our social connection because we’re looking out for our friends and family and their well-being.

Now, how can we make this an easier and more positive experience?

1. Help people discover things they will love: it’s the perfect time to invest in ads, social media campaigns, new mobile-optimized photos, and creative videos! Show them what you’re selling and convince them to at least take a look.

(Talking about new content, we’re currently offering a 10% off discount on all of our services which could give you up to $200 off your next order with us! You can contact us here if you want to find out more)

2. Help them try your product before buying it: Some stores already have an optimized V.R. experience, but this can take some time and it’s definitely a big investment. However, videos are the next best thing. Why? Because you can show your product, its quality, and even how to use it in only a few clips.

3. Offer new deals: Who doesn’t love a good sale? Get creative, and help your shoppers help you.

4. Choose the right words, make them feel special: Always have in mind the power of words, the better you communicate your message, the more likely you will close your sale.

Be prepared for the biggest sales of the year, and take advantage of them

For those economically affected by COVID-19, this Holiday Season might be just what they were looking for. Months of sales, offers, and new finds that will make up for the ride it’s been so far could offer a break they need to take care of themselves.

Last year, an average of 54% of global holiday shoppers surveyed purchased something during a mega sale event, and more than 43% of respondents shop for deals on Black Friday.

The best part is that just as globalization can help us get anything from anywhere in the world, there are now special events all around the globe as well. Here are some of the new dates we have to be ready for:

11/11 (Singles Day): Celebrated all across the world, this “holiday” is called the biggest shopping event of the year (yes, bigger than Black Friday or Cyber Monday).

Originally, the idea behind the first Singles Day was to promote Alibaba’s shopping marketplace. Alibaba offered customers discounts up to 50% off from more than 25 brands. By seeing the results this day generated, year after year more brands joined the platform, and just last year, they generated $38 billion among 200.000 brands in 78 countries.

12/12 (Couples Day): Called “the Cyber Monday of Singles Day”, was originated by Alibaba as a result of the seller’s reaction to 11/11. The selling concept is the same, but this time, the holiday is to be celebrated by smaller brands that were overshadowed by bigger brands on Singles Day.

The best part about all this process is that you are right on time to get ready for the Holiday Season! We have a Check List you can read about to make sure you are not forgetting anything, and if you need experts to help you with your content, and reach new audiences contact us here, and let’s make sure your Holiday Season will be one you won’t forget!

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