3 Online Shopping Trends that Will Define The 2020 Holiday Season

3 Online Shopping Trends that Will Define The 2020 Holiday Season

As you plan your seasonal campaigns and craft your messages for the 2020 holiday sale event, it’s crucial to understand people’s evolving concerns and new behaviors. These past months we’ve been actively listening and reading reports about consumer behavior trends that have obviously shifted in light of everything that’s happened this year. Now we’d like to share some of the most important insights with you to help you understand your potential buyers better so that you can give them what they really want and need. It would make them feel cared for and supported, which in turn would bring you cash.

Here are the trends from the Facebook 2020 marketing guide you should be aware of when thinking of your holiday sale strategy this year.

1. Everyone switches to mobile, including older generations

More than 60% of people who are 38 to 64 years old say they’re spending more time on mobile during the COVID-19 outbreak. To enable seamless shopping, it’s crucial to ensure your mobile experience is easy to navigate.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are your listing images optimized for mobile?
  • Is the text bold and clear enough to be read from a phone screen?
  • When running video ads, do you use vertical format for better user experience on mobile devices?
  • If not, you know it’s time to get those things done.

2. People are more receptive to new brands, products, and services

COVID-19 has disrupted lives in different ways. However, for some people, it has opened new doors to the ease of grocery deliveries or the joy of cooking. In this new normal, people are becoming more open to trying new products, services, or activities that offer a better price, quality, or convenience.

On top of that, holiday season has always been a time for people to try new things. On average, 64% of global seasonal shoppers said they explored new products during the festive period more than the rest of the year.

What does it mean for you?

  • If you are hesitant about launching a new product – go for it.
  • If you worry that you won’t be able to compete with more established brands and sellers – stop, this is precisely the time when people take notice of and want to support smaller brands, family, and local businesses because they are more relatable.

3. Price is important, but so are your actions

Beyond price and quality, global shoppers are increasingly drawn to brands that support causes they care about, and they seek authentic, informative content from businesses. Social responsibility and brand authenticity are more influential than ever. People want to understand your business, what you stand for, and be proud to support you.

Holiday shoppers may be price sensitive but when asked what kinds of content they want to see from businesses on Facebook platforms, they responded by saying real, authentic, and informative content was as important as sales and offers.

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