Is Your Brand Ready For The Upcoming Holiday Season? Check List

Is Your Brand Ready For The Upcoming Holiday Season? Check List

We are all still adjusting to our new lifestyle, caused by COVID-19. And even though it has been hard to get through the past couple of months, this time has been a great opportunity for us to reinvent ourselves, our brands, and the way we attack the sales process and communicate with potential customers.

At Share It Studio, we’re always looking for our client’s best interests, and today we’ve taken some time to help you and your business prepare for the busiest (and happiest) time of the year for sellers and shoppers! These are some tips you can apply to have a successful season, which will result in a whole new list of happy clients and lots of sold-out signs for your brand.

1. It’s very important you are easily discoverable

To position yourself in a potential (or current) customer’s eyes is the first step to a successful purchase. Even though these are different and tougher times, it doesn’t mean people won’t be looking for you among all the other brands.

That being said, this step is definitely not a one day, or even a one week job. For you to be discoverable, you have to be consistent, creative, and willing to offer the best possible service 10 out of 10 times.

And there are different scenarios where these 3 facts can help you be more discoverable!

a. Make clients recommend you: let’s put it like this, offering a good service equals a good connection with your customer, which will convert them to your brand, and will lead them to recommend you to their friends and family, starting the cycle again.

b. SEO is everything: the point above can only get you so far! If you really want to be the first option in everyone’s search engine or social media, you have to work for it. Knowing your audience, using keywords, and learning about the different algorithms can be the one step keeping you from being visible to all of your potential customers.

c. Try and conquer different platforms: why stay in one place, when there are a million different websites waiting for you? According to Google, just last week, 75% of global shoppers used different services and platforms to help them while shopping and closing deals online.

Remember every platform offers different features, which can definitely help you give your potential shoppers all the information they need to order your products.

And though yes, it sounds like a lot of work, it’s a process that will drive more sales, and help you acquire new loyal customers easily if you commit to your brand’s growth.

However, those are definitely not the only ways to make your businesses more discoverable, we’ve written a lot of blogs about holiday shopping and ways to improve your brand which you can read here! Still, let’s talk more about it in the next point.

2. Position and build your brand

Growing a business is not just about money and clients, but also about knowing where your brand stands, what you can improve, and strategizing to get better. Here are a few ways you can do it!

a. Storytelling: as we mentioned before, connecting with your clients is one of the best ways to get discovered which leads to growth. But how much do your clients know about your story?

Remember feelings can be a big part of a selling process, and this engages clients to convert to your brand. Bringing that emotion out is easier when you are able to tell your story in a clear way. Where did you come from? What did you do to get where you are right now? What is the goal you’re looking to meet? Help your customers get there with you, or at least help you get there!

b. Ads and more ads: if you open a store, some people will discover you by walking by, and they might recommend you to some other people. But if you don’t take care of getting the word out, it’s pretty likely no one will come around.

We mentioned joining different platforms, and just like the store, some people will go from one site to another. But what you really need to put yourself out there is advertising your products, your services, or even your story! Let people know you’re there, you’re selling what they need and you’re offering the best service there is.

On that same note, did you know 70% of viewers say video makes them more brand-aware?

However, ads are not just selling for the sake of it. Try promoting some sales or clearance, and we bet you will get a ton of interactions from people interested in your brand.

c. High-Quality Content: We need something to advertise, right? The good thing about joining different platforms is that you can present different types of content in each one of them. And the best thing? Every one of them will most likely result in different (but positive) reactions/interactions.

In this blog, we give you a couple of extra tips to get your Amazon Listing Content ready for the holidays!

Last year, the total number spent on online sales was $138.65 billion, so imagine how much higher the number will go when most of the sales happening globally are happening online!

If you’ve read all the way to here, we have good news for you: we can help you with all that you’re looking for! Images, videos, and even a supply of monthly content for your social media. So contact us here, and let’s start planning for the holiday season.

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