How Going Digital Can Help Grow Your Brand

It has now been 6 long months since COVID-19 first started back in December, and even though our side of the world wasn’t affected on a big scale until February and March, we have since then been in a long process of adapting our business to this “new reality” that is working from home full-time.

As a small business, we’ve had ups and downs so far, but step by step we’ve learned more about overcoming the situation and working non-stop to make our clients happy and help their brands grow with us. And just as the title says, the best way to keep working and making sure your business isn’t affected by the pandemic, is by taking your company fully digital. As that old proverb says: if you can’t beat them, join them.

Think with Google recently published an article about Canadian small businesses using digital tools to maintain their stores open, even though they must stay (physically) closed through the pandemic. A little stationary store now has x18 more sales a week after offering sales online, a small tea shop has now gone online-only and at the same time, Canadian citizens are looking through options online to help small, local businesses.

But, how can going digital help exactly? Let’s number some options!

1. Going online means finding a new audience for your brand

And we’re not just talking about younger people. With the pandemic, everyone had to adapt, including those clients who would much rather go to a store and get the product after seeing it for themselves.

By going online, you will open a whole new window to your loyal clients who know your business; and at the same time, you’re reaching new potential clients that have always preferred shopping online. The stationary store is a great example, before the virus they sold their products to locals only. After going digital, 70% of their audience is from outside their city.

2. This way, you can communicate and update your clients

Locals are looking to help businesses, and part of this audience probably includes clients who have been using your brand for years. These people already see you like family, and leaving small messages on social media pages where they can reach you and know how you’re doing, can really improve your relationship.

On another hand, new customers who can see your process of adaptation will definitely empathize with you and might even convert to your brand.

3. Segmenting and reaching your audience

The best thing about having a digital store is that you are able to check your growth, your audience, and even profit numbers in the palm of your hand. This will help you answer simple questions about your digital strategy like: am I targeting the right audience? Are my products selling? Which products are selling and which are not?

Having all of this data available can definitely boost your business in days!


Now, you can’t just create a website or social media page and expect this will be enough. There is definitely some investment that needs to be done, and that is where content creating agencies (just like us😉) come handy. High-quality photos and videos are a MUST when it comes to selling online, photos will showcase your product in a beautiful way, they will show your clients what they will get with their purchase and videos, on the other hand, can even teach them how to use their purchase and get the best of it!

If you’re not too sure about investing in content, or if going digital is the way to go, take some time to read our blogs about marketing myths and how videos can help your brand grow.

However, if you’re ready to open your business to a new world of opportunities, contact us here!

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