How Brands Stay Creative During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As the majority of us are going into the second month of quarantine, we can definitely say Coronavirus taught us a lot both about ourselves and others. And of course, our businesses, no matter how big or small.

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been asking ourselves: how are we going to keep the business up? how can we help our clients and at the same time help ourselves? And how can we keep creating content while being stranded at home?

Well, creativity has always been about innovating and pushing the limits and right now it’s no different. Instead of shutting or slowing down, a lot of brands took time to come up with fresh ideas on how to convey the sense union and empathy in these hard times. Here are some cases that could help you get inspired and make you realize adaptivity to fast-paced changing reality might be exactly what your brand needs to develop.

1. Logo Redesign

Coca-Cola, Audi, MasterCard, the Olympics Organization, McDonald’s, NBA, Starbucks, and many other big brands adjusted their logos to promote social distancing, self-isolation, wearing protective masks, and work from home measures.

This simple action helps these brands connect with people by letting them know we’re all going through the same struggles, and even though we’re supposed to be distant, we’re closer than ever.

2. Content Plan Adaptation

As a brand, you should be aware that your content can’t serve everyone, it has to be tailored to a specific niche. During the pandemic, you need to be even more conscious about what, how, and when you’re publishing. Advertising campaigns you’ve planned beforehand might not be the right fit, it is time to adapt the content you put out to what people may have never needed before – but desperately need right now.

Zara Home has started a campaign called #zarahomerecipes where their experts share some simple and tasty recipes for you to prepare at home as a distraction from everything going on outside and a way to enjoy home meals.

With cooking at home becoming a new hot topic, major brands like Ikea, Starbucks, and even Disney have been sharing famous recipes on how to prepare their best-sellers: Meatballs, Coffee, Mickey Mouse Beignets – things we could only enjoy at their stores, now we can learn how to make at home.

3. Going Live

Instagram has seen “growth of 526% in the use of their “live” feature”, according to Jeannette Ornelas, a senior digital marketing analyst at Mintel intelligence group compare media as quoted by Glossy.

Brands and influencers alike are using this moment when all the entertainment is inside our phones to conduct live interviews, Q&A sessions, fun quizzes and share workout routines using Instagram “live” feature. Designers do behind-the-scenes tours, artists throw free live shows playing music and singing live, all while promoting and supporting charitable actions, relief funds, and donating to those who are in need.

There has been a lot of initiatives from entertainers to make our home a happier place. The most recent one is the One World Together at Home Livestream concert, organized by the World Health Organization along with Lady Gaga and Global Citizen, where more than 100 artists (singers, actors, tv hosts, etc.) performed for more than 270 million people across the world reaching out to give us hope, positivity and a lot of entertainment.

4. New Online Experiences

Right now is obviously not the time to visit touristic places and take photos here and there, but even though most of them – if not all of them – are closed to the public, different Museums all around the world have opened their doors online so you can do a virtual tour and enjoy their incredible art from the comfort of your home.

Who wouldn’t enjoy visiting London, Barcelona, New York City, Amsterdam, Sydney, Paris? Any place in the world is waiting for you on a computer, phone, tv, anywhere you want (as long as it is inside your home).

5. Home-Based Content Creation

Vodafone Italy created a video ad about our quarantine life – Zoom conference calls, Facetiming with family members, and all the stages of commercial production were done remotely. Honda shot an entire car commercial at home replacing the car with a toy, while french fashion designer Jacquemus used Facetime to do a photo shoot for his new lookbook starring Bella Hadid.

Coming up with new ideas can definitely be a challenge, especially in times like these. But there are tons of brands inspiring us to be better and to move forward no matter the scenario.

Working from home isn’t as bad as you would think, trust us, we’ve been doing it for years! Just find the best way your business can adapt to these temporary changes and get started.

However, if you still need a little help adjusting, we would love to help you out. Contact us here and start growing your brand.

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