How Videos Can Help Your Brand Get Through COVID-19

So far, 2020 has given us a lot of surprises. And by now, most likely you or/and your business has been impacted by the biggest of them all: Coronavirus.

In a time of social distancing when people are reaching for their phones more than ever, online videos are the main entertainment that can give your audience a much-needed distraction all while benefiting your brand.

On any social media platform, now there’s more content than ever, and it’s not necessarily coming from big influencers or brands, but from every-day users that are lending support to anyone who follows them, no matter how big or small the audience is. People share their experiences and how-to tips on staying productive, fighting anxiety, cooking meals, working out from home and more.

Think With Google has recently published some data that shows what types of video have been most-watched these last couple of weeks, especially on Google and YouTube. The selection goes from “work-from-home-essentials” to “in-home fitness” which as we mentioned, are really trying to help you make your isolating days easier and more relaxing.

On our last blog, we mentioned how video productions don’t necessarily have to be very expensive, and this is the best moment to prove it! But exactly how can you take advantage of this video-consuming trend? By positioning yourself on everyone’s feeds, of course. And here are some other benefits you might find on this social media journey:

1. Generate Engagement Through Giving Value

In times like this, when everyone’s working together towards the same goal (in this case, getting through the virus pandemic), people don’t notice who sold more units or who had a better advertising campaign. They will remember who lent a helping hand for those in need, themselves included.

By creating entertaining and helpful content that will not just distract users but also teach them something, you will definitely get positive feedback. Don’t think of sales now, think of the value you can provide. After all of this is over, value will turn into profits as the new potential clients who got something they needed from you will go ahead and give back, this time in dollars.

2. Share Your Story

Gary Vaynerchuck, Vayner Media’s CEO explained why this is the best time to manifest your real purpose as a brand, as you tell the story behind it and all of your work.

Just as everyone’s sharing their experience through this crisis, you can share your story: who are you, why you started the business, what struggles have you faced, what ups did you reach, how are you getting through this crisis and what it means for your company. The reason why all of these videos will get attention now is that everyone relates to each other’s stories and at the same time finds solutions in them.

In our case, as a small growing company, we find it very inspiring to hear other local business stories, knowing their future is not completely clear, yet they still try to give their 100% to the communities they serve so we can all get through this pandemic crisis together.

We understand that most of you have been hit hard since the sales went down so we are offering a 35% discount on all our services. We have rolled our biggest discount to date, cutting our profits to a bare minimum to provide for basic needs such as payroll, rent, and essentials in hopes to incentivize other businesses to double down on their marketing and take advantage and get ready for when this pandemic passes.

We hope you stay safe during this pandemic and let’s work together to get through it and plan for what lies ahead.

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