Amazon Advertising Guide

As we already know, Amazon is the number one eCommerce site worldwide and it has taken over the world with its constant innovation and different features.

It’s definitely one of the best platforms for small businesses that are looking for a starting point to establish their company. Especially if they need a little help from a platform like Amazon that makes the shipping and back to back client contact much easier.

However, even though the process of selling your product isn’t as hard as you may think, this doesn’t assure your Amazon Listing will be successful as soon as you create it. Like everything else, it takes time and dedication as well as investing money to make your product look high-quality and worth your potential client’s attention.

In this article, we wrote about the importance of each element on your listing. This time we want to get into how you can advertise your Amazon Product to get more visitors to your listing and, hence, more potential buyers.

If you want to read more about how you can advertise your Amazon Listing, keep reading to find out more!

1. How do Amazon ads work?

The first thing to consider is that just as Google and Facebook, Amazon also recollects data from buyers. Shareen Pathak in Digiday explains that this data knows what people are buying, as well as how they’re doing it.

Meaning, when you use Amazon Ads, the platform will show your product to users who are within your niche as well as viewers who need a little push while purchasing online.

2. What exactly are Amazon Ads?

Just as on Google, when you search for specific words, results appear. The top results will be sponsored products which are what we consider ads. They are usually marked with “Sponsored” text above or below the image or product listing.

Anyone who wants their product or brand to appear on these spots can just pay for them by bidding on specific words against other business owners, which will get higher visibility for their product.

Finally, once your ad is running, you will be charged each time a shopper clicks on your ad.

3. What type of Ads to choose?

As mentioned in the beginning, Amazon’s main goal is to make everything easier for their clients, and purchasing Ads is no exception. They offer three different options that will not only bring more attention to your listing, but will showcase it in a very appealing way.

Let’s have a look:

a. Sponsored Ads: Cydney Hatch of Disruptive Advertising defines these Ads as those that will help you reach new customers while they’re researching and discovering products. “These ads help vendors promote item listings, pairing them with items potential customers are already looking at”.

b. Display Ads: These Ads will show your product to the right clients, as well as audiences.

The best thing about Display ads is that they won’t just appear on the main Amazon page, but apps, devices, and third-party sites as well!

Lastly, they offer the option of the campaigns being managed by you, as well as their team of experts.

c. Video Ads: As we’ve mentioned so many times before, videos drive better results, and ads are definitely not an exception.

By using a video ad, making an emotional, real connection with potential clients will be much easier than with regular image-ads. And if you need another reason to opt for a video ad, please have in mind that these ads will not only stream on Amazon’s main website but on all of their devices as well.

4. How can I get started with Amazon Ads?

First of all, just like uploading regular content to the platform, you will have to sign up and get your listing up and running. Next is being assigned to either a seller or vendor account, which Amazon will take care of.

Finally, you will have to go through payment plans and types of Ads you’d like for Amazon to run for you, and then it’s just a matter of time until your listing’s numbers go up!

We know it’s a lot of information to process, but as always, we advise you to focus on the benefits of this amazing feature Amazon provides its sellers! On that same note, always remember how important it is for your images and videos to look stunning.

And though it might not be easy to get it right on your own, we’re here to help you reach that level of quality you’ll need to catch everyone’s attention. So let’s get started!

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