8 Graphic Design Trends Of 2020 You Can’t Miss

2020 marks a new decade, and it also represents a fresh start for creatives and e-commerce sellers alike. Whether you’re about to launch your brand or feel like it’s time to bring some change into your best selling products, this is where Graphic Design comes in. Think of it as your best friend if you really want to succeed this year, and increase your sales with a new improved look.

Remember first impressions are everything, even more so when selling products on Amazon! So here are 8 trends you can’t miss in 2020:


Since 2019 lines have been making an entrance into the design world.

From product packaging and social media to fashion design, lines are really easy to incorporate anywhere because of their simplicity and versatility. Their clean style can help you draw attention to specific elements, and help your design stand out without making it heavy or overcrowded.

3D Art

3D has always been a very important part of the design. With new technology come new possibilities and that is why this year is going to be big for 3D.

You may have seen it already without even knowing while browsing through your favorite websites or looking at the banners, posters, and logos.

There are a lot of pros of using 3D, one of them being able to create stunning pieces with shapes and characters that are impossible to achieve in 2D. You can make them look as if they’re made of water, yarn, glass or even clay!


Since the ’90s, gradients have been an amazing thing when in good hands. They can highlight a design piece in infinite ways.

Just like lines, gradients are super versatile, especially when used to enhance photography helping create unique color palettes, dynamic backgrounds, and aesthetically pleasing look that blends well with any element. There’s no doubt we’ll see them even more often this year.

Machine Learning

You must have heard of this term, but in case you don’t know exactly what it means, this is a new method of programming in which an AI (Artificial Intelligence) is capable of doing a specific task with specific parameters.

So why don’t let the machine do all the work? Some softwares have already implemented AI to make the creative process easier! A couple of them are capable of creating a design from scratch with little or no human input whatsoever.

Monochromatic Compositions

Images with monochromatic color schemes are those created only of shades of one color fading to black. It is eye-catching, stylish and makes the design really stand out from all the multicolored pieces we are used to seeing making it one of the best options for UX or UI designs as well as branding and packaging.

Fluid Shapes

Some of the most memorable from the latest design pieces have incorporated organic shapes in them (especially circles) as an element that accompanies the focus point of the design. You can see this trend being used in animations and branded content for social media, but who said you can’t bring it to your e-commerce site or Amazon store?

Experimental Typography

You can’t argue that typography is one of the most important aspects of design. But what about experimental one? It certainly can seem unorthodox or even weird to some people, but there’s no way it can leave you indifferent.

If you feel like it’s in your brand’s nature to pull off something like that, why not try it this year? This trend can help in a long-awaited website makeover or perhaps even logo design!

Simplified Illustration

It seems illustrations have been present in our lives forever. They have evolved through the years, often becoming either very complex or truly minimalistic.

However, 2020 is the year of simple and clean pieces. The less is more trend is not going anywhere and lack of details doesn’t mean lack of work or dedication. It’s all about the objective of the illustration, and if your goal is to get your point across fast, this is something to look into.

Think of how your Amazon listing can benefit from simple illustrations that are appealing, fun yet very easy to understand: maybe it’s time to let go of overused icons and let simple drawings tell your product’s or brand’s story.

To help you implement some of these trends in your brand’s visuals or your Amazon listing, contact us here and let’s make 2020 the best year for your business!

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