How To Kick-Start the Decade with your Amazon Listing

As the new year starts (and so does the new decade – wow!), all of the new and old Amazon Sellers start wondering what they can do to improve their listings and products to ensure growth and prosperity in 2020.

Last year we focused on giving you our best tips to improve your listing and brand, from videos to storytelling, we’ve learned that everything is important and that every detail matters.

To help you start this new business year, we’ve decided not to just give you tips but to show you the importance of having A+ content on your listing!

We’ve found two listings that sell basically the same product:

One of them is more expensive (Option A) whereas the other one is obviously cheaper (Option B). However, though they are exactly the same shower head and both are part of Amazon’s Choice, Option A has better reviews, bigger sales, and higher estimated sales. Why is that? Let us give you a clue: High. Quality. Content.

Let’s start with the listing images:

Option A has a more packed main image, where you can see the full shower head alongside the box it comes with. The package is a plus for clients since they will see exactly what they’ll be receiving as soon as they open the listing.

Option B shows us the showerhead with some assets around it such as water, and a molecule of its insides.

Why does the first option catch attention faster than the second? Because the goal is clear, the information is there and the product looks more premium.

Option B is difficult to understand since viewers won’t know what they’re looking at until they read further. The easier it is for potential clients, the faster they will order your product.

Once we move forward to the infographics, the answer is pretty obvious. Option A has more elegant, and once again, premium-looking images. The colors speak for themselves and so do the details.

If you check the font both listings are using, you’ll see how Option B looks less professional because of how flat the typography used as well as the basic layouts are.

You have to make your listing look like you’re making an effort and this way you will show your buyers that not only your listing is something you worked really hard on, but it will make them feel like your product is worth their time and – most importantly – their money.

One of the details we can’t stress enough is the importance of having a video on your listings. Yes, we know they can be more expensive to produce than still images, but they are worth every penny.

Option A has an informative video where a woman explains all of the shower head’s features and advantages. Not to mention she’s actually testing the product in some of the takes, which generates even more trust because once again, the viewers can find out exactly what they’re getting and how good its functionality is.

The more answers you give your visitors, the faster they’ll convert and make the order!

Finally, let’s look at the products’ descriptions. The big difference between Option A and B is very easy to see and appreciate: Enhanced Brand Content or EBC.

Though its layout is not too complex and it consists of one image only, it’s showing us in a very detailed image the features of the head’s filtering system which leaves no space for questions when it comes to its functionality.

Option B is the complete opposite of a full HTML (just text) description, which will make it harder and tedious to read.

Now that we’ve gone through all of the details on both listings, you understand what we meant by High-Quality Content at the beginning. The best way to get A+ content for your Amazon Listing is to hire professionals who will do an impeccable work for you (wink, wink).

If you’re looking for a group of professionals with +10 years of experience in the creative business, as well as +4 years on Amazon Listings, contact us here and let’s work together!

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