How Blogging Can Help You Boost Your SEO: 4 Tips

With Google being one of the biggest search engines in the world, it’s important that you make sure it recognizes your website as a relevant one whenever someone’s searching for a product or service similar to what you’re offering.

How can you do this? Well, to put it simply, when ranking websites Google prefers those with frequently-updated content, and blog is definitely the best way for you to tell Google: hey, we’re on top of things! Just by uploading new blog posts daily you increase your visibility even if the other parts of the website stay intact for months. Plus, it opens an opportunity for you to use niche keywords that will help you drive more traffic and connect to new audiences.

Thanks to Wix, we’ve gathered a couple of tips you can have in mind to have a successful blog that will help you boost your website SEO!

1. Consult other blogs

When the answers might seem hard to find, you can always consult your competitors to check what they’ve been talking about lately. The best way to find them is this little formula: keyword + blog.

Let’s say you’re looking for recipes to cook for your family this Christmas, you can type in the search bar “cooking + blog” and you can find an infinite number of blogs that will help you find what you’re looking for!

2. Define your goals and topics

What are you looking to achieve with this blog? Promoting your business, showcase your experience or connect with your clients? Once you define the goals, it will be much easier to find the blog topics to write about and publish more frequently.

Remember, keywords are the most important tool for a search engine to understand what your website is about, so make sure you’re using the words relevant to your business or product or service every now and then.

Wix also suggests “How to” posts are great to solve any questions potential customers might have in regards to your services or products. Following the recipes examples, “How to cook Christmas cookies” might be a good option to publish for the holidays.

3. Plan your content

Any successful marketing strategy comes with a plan, and blogs are no exception. The best way to build the content plan for your blog would be by creating a list of topics with publishing dates. You decide how frequently you publish them (always remember: the more frequent, the better).

Planning ahead has three benefits: 1) You’ll create content on a regular basis; 2) You won’t need to come up with topics each time; 3) Your messaging will stay focused and consistent.

4. Add Links

Include lots of hyperlinks to other pages and posts on your website. That way you’re helping your readers to gain more knowledge about specific topics they might be also interested in, as well as boosting your website SEO by keeping them on your website longer and making sure search engine understands your content better.

Talking about links, here you can find our blog with a lot of topics to learn from (wink wink).

Do you want more tips? Here are a few more:

– Posts should be between 300 and 700 words. Don’t be scared to write even longer blogs from time to time.

– Don’t forget all of your images need alt text.

– Every post should end with a call to action, visiting your blog, contacting you, checking your products or portfolio, or many other things!


– Don’t forget to post.

– A couple of extra photos and videos won’t hurt, so don’t forget to add some media content because it will definitely help your readers engage.

Now that you’re ready to start writing, you can check out our blog for a few examples! Not only do we write them ourselves, but we also promote them on social media to get more reach.

If you’re wondering how you could promote your blog and get more readers, contact us here and find out how!

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