2019 Recap: Online Shopping in Numbers

As the year comes to an end, marketers and researchers present us with the insights they’ve uncovered in 2019. It’s important to analyze the changes we saw this year in order to predict the trends for 2020 and develop the marketing strategy accordingly.

Thanks to the data from Think With Google, we’re bringing you some of the most relevant numbers about online shopping to have in mind for 2020, so you can meet your consumers right where they expect you to and get the best sales outcome for your brand.

1. Mobile search is as important as ever

Over the past two years there’s been a considerable growth in many specific mobile searches, these are a few examples that will make you reconsider the way you name your products and projects:

– “Simple + X + ideas” queries on mobile have grown by over 60%.

– “Personalized + X” is right next to it with 60% growth as well.

– Finally, “Rewards App” has shown the biggest growth with over 90%.

2. Omnichannel shopping is trending

Consumer journeys have become incredibly complex and it gets trickier for marketers to make sense of how to engage their target audience. It is essential to know that people jump between offline and online worlds more than ever:

– 83% of U.S shoppers used online search before going to a store and making the purchase.

– 45% of Global shoppers buy online and pick-up in store.

– 55% of shoppers say they use online video while shopping in-store.

3. Product images are defining in decision making

Media content has the power of making a user pick or pass on your product, that’s why we work so hard on delivering images that speak for themselves in terms of quality. Not convinced? Here are the numbers:

– Over the past two years, “Image Search” has grown by 60%.

– 50% of online shoppers say that images helped them decide what to buy.

– 53% of online shoppers say that images inspire them to make purchases.

4. Videos are growing in every way

We can’t stress this enough: Videos play DEFINING role for your brand. This is a way that will showcase your product like no other. Lifestyle videos will not only provide users with an experience, but also a proof of how good and trust-worthy a product is.

– Watch time for shopping-related videos on YouTube has grown by more than 5 times over the past year in the US only

– Channels with more than 1 billion views have also grown 5 times with 70% of the watch time happening on smartphones and tablets

5. Immediacy is often more important than loyalty

Quick, simple and easy processes will beat anything else other brands have to offer, because users are looking for experiences that will save them time and be as relevant as ever:

– 75% of smartphone users are expecting immediate information while on their phones

– Nearly half of all shoppers confirm inventory before going to the store

– “Best + X + right now” searches have grown by over 125% in the last two years

After considering all these numbers, we’re ready to improve and grow our business over the next year, and we’re expecting YOU to do it on our side.

Contact us here, and let’s have an amazing year!

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