3 Things You Didn’t Know About Holiday Shoppers

As we’ve mentioned before, Holiday Season is the most important time of the year for all brands. However, that’s exactly what makes it the most competitive.

This year, the space between Thanksgiving and New Year’s day is shorter than last year, so the pressure is heavier than ever.

The good side of it is that year after year, retail spending reaches new heights. In 2018 alone, people spent $853 billion, setting a record compared to previous years. And an even better fact is that e-commerce grew 18% between both years.

So if those numbers indicate the future of businesses, Holiday Season is the best time to be a part of it. The question, however, is the same as every other year: With so many growing brands, and all of the market’s products competing to be the best there is, how can you engage shoppers in key decision-making moments?

Thanks to ThinkWithGoogle’s research, we found out 3 trends you should consider about this year’s shopper’s behavior, so you can be prepared to fulfill their expectations and end this year with a lot of reasons to celebrate!

1. Shoppers love to be inspired

34% of people said that what they find most entertaining about shopping is when they discover new products and get new ideas for presents. What’s a better time to inspire them than right now?

The amazing part about this is that they’re looking for inspiration all. year. long. so when holiday season is right around the corner, they’ve already written their list.

Another way you can be found is to check and use keyword trends through the season (did you know Google can help you find them?) and not just on special days, for example, search “gift box” has grown over 85% percent on mobile over the past few years, while “best electronic” has grown over 100%!

What does this teach us? Positioning yourself alongside the competition is a full year process!

2. They’re ALWAYS looking for emotion

Shopping, in general, is an experience of emotions: excitement, competitiveness, joy. And 52% of the users agree that fishing and getting the best deals is the most enjoyable part about shopping.

When it comes to Black Friday, it’s known for the biggest and best deal in-store day, however, only 1 out of 4 shoppers actually believe that in-store deals are the best possible while 58% of them are sure they will find better deals online. And even that one person checks online before making purchases in a store.

3. Time is the most important value

Finally, even though some people love it, there are those who don’t like preparing to shop. They know what they want, when, how and usually the least complicated way possible.

There are other points they take into consideration, of course. Shoppers would like better return options, as a matter of fact, 47% of them look for flexible options before finalizing the purchase. Some others would much rather have a self-service experience, 55% of them explain that they prefer when there’s no need to talk to anyone else.

Easy experiences, fast shopping process, and no complicated returns.

Now that you know a bit more about what shoppers are expecting this holiday season, it would be easier to work out how to satisfy all of their needs and give them exactly what they want!

One last tip before you go: High-Quality Content is what most of your users are looking for. Ready to get more clients? Contact us here and let’s start working!

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