9 Best Marketing Campaigns of 2019

2019 has been the year of reinvention. For advertising and marketing, this has been one of the best years yet. We’ve gotten creative, fun, daring campaigns that easily achieve their goals and gave us a lot to learn from. Here are 9 best marketing and advertising campaigns of 2019!

Oreo recreates the Game of Thrones Opening – USA

As many of us are aware, Game of Thrones, the multiple Emmy-awarded series came to an end this year. And to celebrate that “Winter was coming” Oreo partnered up with the series’ opening original animators to recreate the sequence reimagined with Oreo cookies.

But not only did they come out with an amazing production, but they also created a limited packaging of cookies with the four main houses fighting for the thrones in the series!

Heinz, The Perfect Pouring Angle – Canada

If you’ve ever bought a Heinz Ketchup bottle, you must know how difficult it can be to get the sauce to come out sometimes. Because of this, the Heinz Canada team decided to temporarily redesign the bottle’s branding so their clients could get “the perfect pouring angle”.

Ikea: Real Life Series – UAE

In this really creative campaign, the company recreated three different rooms from popular TV shows such as “Friends”, “The Simpsons” and “Stranger Things” using only Ikea products and furniture.

Their idea was to give the message that their furniture is not only meant to be used as, well, furniture, but they also want to be a part of those special moments in your family, for example, when you are all watching your favourite TV show together!

McDonald’s Follow The Arch – Canada

For this campaign, the team decided to crop the golden arches of the famous McDonald’s M and use them to create direction arrows that would lead you to the nearest restaurant. The different images read “on your left”, “take the next exit”, among many others!

Coca Cola: Try Not To Hear This – Europe

A photo is worth a thousand words, right? That’s exactly what Coca Cola wanted to achieve with this campaign. Except for this time, the photo isn’t worth words, but sounds! The series shows a can being opened, a bottle being uncapped and a freshly poured glass of the soda, where you can still see the fizzing bubbles popping out.

The whole concept of the campaign is meant for you to be able to hear these sounds when you see the image, using both your sight and stimulated by this one, your hearing.

Burger King: Escape The Clown – Germany

In this very clever campaign, the global fast-food chain, took advantage of the movie “It Chapter 2” premiere to mess with one of their #1 competitor – McDonald’s.

By placing an ad in a magazine that McDonald’s publishes and distributes in many of their restaurants, the brand sends messages to actual McDonald’s customers inside their locations to look for the ad they placed on the magazine. When scanned, the augmented reality ad pops out and gives you a coupon for a one-cent Whopper (their signature burger) at the nearest Burger King location only if they register on the “MyBK” app.

Another twist? There’s a countdown on the offer, so the clients have to run from McDonald’s to Burger King, guided by their app!

Adidas x Arizona Tea – USA

This shoe brand is known for its amazing collaborations with different artists and athletes. However, this time they’ve decided to team up with the American tea brand, “Arizona”. They designed 10 different pairs of shoes inspired in the most famous Arizona flavours.

To celebrate the collaboration’s launch, they decided to do a one-day pop-out sale in New York City where each pair of the collection was sold for .99 cents, which is the original price for each Arizona tea can.

JBL: Block Out The Chaos – China

To show the real power behind their noise-canceling headphones, the JBL team in China, illustrated multiple situations where you can see how the person using the product is unbothered by what’s going on around them!

Doritos: Another Level – USA

This amazing campaign shows a de-branded Dorito’s package in all of their different colors. It’s creators look to reach the “Generation Z” users that are not used to advertising campaigns since their experiences with “television” are mostly based on streaming services such as Netflix. Though yes, you can’t see their logo or name, they still use their traditional triangle shape to identify themselves.

Advertising can be a tricky business when you’re trying to fit in amongst incredible campaigns like the ones we’ve seen this year, however, you can’t forget there’s always a team of creatives behind each of these successful projects helping the brand grow.

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