6 Great Google Services You Didn’t Know About

As we all know, this multinational company which specialty is all internet services and products has little by little grown into more than just a search engine. However, many people don’t know that Google goes further than Gmail and Maps.

They’ve made it their mission to make our lives easier and more effective by gathering almost everything we need in only one place. What services are we talking about? Keep reading to find out!

1. Think with Google

This amazing tool can be used to enhance your digital marketing campaigns thanks to all of the data and insights that it can provide you with. Google is offering us priceless data on consumer behaviour and digital trends (for free) plus interviews with the marketing and digital top managers of global companies where they share their experiences, findings and ideas on areas like Youtube, mobile, search, emerging technology and much more.

Plus, a really helpful option they offer is the “Real-Time Insight Finder”, where you can see all the data from trends, search results, blogs in real-time! This feature, part of the “Planning Tools” works along lists of websites that could help you position yourself in places that your target visits frequently, making it easier for you to get close to them.

2. Google Primer

Primer is part of the Grow with Google Program, it’s meant to give tips and lessons to business owners that are looking to get better at their branding, management and other skills needed to grow their companies.

Their data comes from experts, and it’s transformed into lessons by Google itself, each lesson takes about five minutes. It also has a very big number of topics for you to learn from, like Business Planning, Selling, Marketing, Brand Building among many others!

The best part is that you can download it into your phone as an app, so you can have short and fun lessons on the go!

3. Google Trends

This website is programmed to show you the most frequently searched terms over a specific period of time. It covers many regions and languages, and it’s even able to show you where in the world the terms or topics are being searched specifically.

For example, here’s the data it recovers when searching “Digital Marketing”, it’s showing us the interest over time and by sub-region:

How is this useful for your business? Maybe you can inspire your digital campaigns by what’s trending!

4. Google Fonts

We’ve mentioned this one before but it’s so good, we have to say it again!

This website has over a thousand different fonts you can download for free, so you can use them for your business or personal goals. Be it logos, seasonal campaigns or just very cool ads, Google Fonts can help you find beautiful typography that will make you stand out from the competition.

5. Google Express

With Christmas right around the corner, Google has your back if you need to purchase some last-minute presents but don’t have the time to go and get them.

This incredible service lets you go online and buy whatever you need. Yes, it sounds similar to Amazon or eBay, but the most amazing feature about this tool is that you can get your things delivered on the same day!

6. Google Scholar

When it comes to marketing, there are some theories that never get old. Thanks to Google Scholar, you will be able to keep up with academic research and science progress. All you have to do is get the topic, and search for what you need!

Now you’ve got new tools to play with next time you’re creating a campaign, buying things for your home, or helping your kids with their homework!

However, if you need help with implementing this new data to your work, contact us here!

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