5 Elements Your Website Can’t Function Without

A well designed website should allow easy interaction with its visitors, so that someone who just came across your brand can understand what it is about and connect with you in a couple of clicks!

But what makes a good website? Here are 5 elements that will make navigating through your website easier so that users are more likely to browse longer and keep coming back for more!

1. Impressive Home Page

Think of it as of a face of your website. According to Axis Web Art, your website should impress your users within the first 10 seconds of their visit.

What would impress them? A killer design, clear information about what you offer, and an organized layout should do it!

Here’s an example:

2. Navigation For Dummies

People love it when you make any experience easier for them. So the first thing you should have in mind is very simple and organized menus.

The faster users can get to your products, the better!

Also, it has to be intuitively clear how to get back to the homepage. In case they get lost, it could bring them back to the start and help them find what they’re looking for.

3. Clear Call-To-Action

A call to action combines words that urge the viewer to take immediate action, something like Get Your Custom Proposal or Contact Us Here.

Using our own website as an example, here’s how we use a call to action so that our clients know they can contact us for personalized services and to solve any questions they might have!

4. Flash Loading Time

Loading time is at the paramount of importance – no one wants to wait and you risk losing visitors without even getting a chance to show them a thing! A slow-loading website won’t only make them lose their interest, but it will also make them not want to visit your page ever again.

5. Testimonials or Reviews

This section will show all the comments and appreciations of the satisfied customers! It’s an amazing way to build trust and make your brand more convincing in order to attract more clients your way. By reading real people’s experiences, users will feel more confident about hiring or purchasing your services or products!

Bonus Tip: It must have a Mobile Version!

If you need help updating your website with these elements or starting one from scratch, contact us here and let’s create an experience your customers won’t forget!

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