The Most Common Pain Points When Shopping On Mobile

Mobile shopping is bigger than ever, and with more US users turning to their mobile devices to shop for Christmas gifts or to stock up the groceries it became easier to identify the most common problems they face.

These are better known as “pain points”, and they present issues of the conversion process on your website that bother your users and may define their experience while shopping online, or even their whole experience with your brand. However, whether they remain a small problem, or become a big issue, depends on you!

What are the most common ones? Keep reading to find out so that you can fix them before they present an issue.

According to Facebook, on Holiday Season these mistakes become more noticeable, probably because it’s when users do the biggest portion of shopping. But thanks to the survey, now we know which are the most common so that we can try to avoid them!

1. Loading time

26% of surveyed US shoppers said the top problem was that the app or website took too long to load.

According to a study by Akamai research, all mobile apps must have an ideal loading time of 2 seconds, with every extra second decreasing the conversion rate by 7%.

Not sure whether your website is up to speed? Here you can find the top reasons that show down your website’s performance and how to fix them.

2. Font size

Quarter of respondents (25%) named the top problem the font size being too small.

If you feel like that might be the case with your website as well, consider introducing bold typography into the main text elements. It’s easy to read on mobile and is one of the top graphic design trends of 2019, and who doesn’t want to be both trendy and sell more at the same time?

3. Product information

22% of shoppers were unsatisfied with the product information because it was difficult to review.

If descriptions fail to describe product’s most important features, or don’t answer the questions consumers are looking to get answers for, your conversion rate is doomed to never go up.

The best solution is to put yourself into your potential buyers’ shoes and ask yourself: what would I want to know about the product if I was considering to buy it? Once identified, pass that info to the trusted copywriter who will make sure it’s crystal clear what it is that you’re selling and why anyone should buy it.

Reach out to us HERE if you need help with putting together your product’s description.

4. Content not optimized for mobile

22% of users complained that the content they were reviewing did not fit on their screens which is a very common problem among the sites that don’t have the optimized for mobile devices version. Here are five additional reasons why your site MUST have a mobile version.

5. Images quality

19% of users said the main problem was that images were not clear enough:

meaning that the product couldn’t be completely seen or shoppers couldn’t understand product’s features because the images were either low quality or didn’t answer their questions in a straight-forward way. Here is more about why you need to invest in quality visuals for your product.

Ready to take your product photography to the next level and win the hearts of your potential buyers? We are HERE to help whether it’s for your e-commerce website, social media or Amazon listing.

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