3 Ways To Bring Storytelling To Your Sales Strategy

With the competition bigger than ever, converting strangers into customers and brand advocates becomes harder and harder. These days selling a product requires more than a neat website and an advertising campaign with a catchy slogan. It’s all about feelings, senses, and connection!

That’s when storytelling comes in handy. It is an extremely important tool that helps brands stand out and navigate consumers through the ever-evolving e-commerce world because it’s what helps them connect.

This “art or science” of telling stories is key to creating and sharing an emotional tie with the brand. And we’re not talking about text only. Storytelling can and SHOULD BE integrated into any type of multimedia content. Here are 3 ways you can do it.

1. Let influencers tell the story for you

Storytelling humanizes your brand. And that’s the best way to connect with clients! By showing them you are reachable and honest.

The closer they are to your story, the closer they will feel to your brand, and this will make your conversion rate higher as well as your sales! If a person tells the story, it will all seem more real, and that experience is what clients are looking for these days.

2. Bring customers into the process

The happiest customers will have the best things to say about your brand, and involving them in the storytelling process will boost other users’ trust because they won’t be receiving a message from someone who’s getting paid to sell it but from an “equal” – a person who gave the brand a chance, and fell in love with it!

3. Give your users a new experience

With tons of online games, mobile apps and emerging technologies such as AR and VR you have an amazing opportunity to use it in your brand’s favor by surprising your customers with a new experience that they will remember for a long time along with your brand.

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