Why You Need a Quality Amazon Listing as an Amazon Seller

Here’s the hard truth: someone’s already selling the same product as you are. And for you to outsell your competitor on Amazon, you just need to beat the way they sell it. How can you do that? By making sure that the first thing anyone sees after clicking on your listing is high quality visual content.

The concept “looks don’t matter” doesn’t apply to marketing: no one will ever find out how amazing your *insert the name of your product* is if on the photos it looks unattractive. You’ll lose a potential buyer in a matter of seconds. Why? If the image doesn’t sell your product, nothing else can.

When it comes to Amazon Listings, here are several factors to consider if you want to outperform your competition:

1. You must nail the first impression

Whether you like it or not, we judge things by how they look. And because this is not a physical store where you have a chance to win someone’s heart (and wallet) by how stunning your product actually looks, but a virtual one – the way the images in your Amazon listing look that’s what people are gonna judge your product by.

How do you make sure the first impression is good? By putting out there a powerful, creative and striking design that highlights the quality product and speaks for your brand.

2. The visuals have to support brand’s values

Think of the design as of your brand’s spokesperson. What would you like him to tell your audience? With which tone and expression? Should it be serious, elegant, fun, supportive?

Design itself is able to convert. Why? Because people would believe that you understand your product well enough to come up with a remarkable look that satisfies the purpose. It would make them believe what you’re selling is not just a random choice but something you put a thought into, and that generates trust.

3. Remember how SEO works

The more clicks your page / listing gets, the more it will appear in the search results, and the closer it will be to be the first choice of each customer. Moreover, time spent on your page influences the likelihood of the search engine to consider your page valuable as well. Meaning the design should be not just eye-catching, but also provide value (think infographics and product videos) so that people spend more time exploring the product.

So again: what will make your Amazon listing be clicked on? That’s right! A good main image.

And here’s the good news: we happen to be obsessed with upgrading visuals for just about everything – from dog poop bag holder to furniture items, from kid’s toys to beauty tools.

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