Why You Need To Hire A Graphic Designer Before Anyone Else

When you start a business, there are many things to take into account: expenses, brand image, customers, services, and with all this new information to handle, sometimes we may not give importance to details that seem like they don’t matter today, but can help us a lot tomorrow.

One of those details is the importance of having a graphic designer working for your business!

These days the image transmitted by brands is the first factor that is taken into account by our potential clients. That “first impression” is a huge part of the decision making process and sometimes it even determines whether the client will convert or not. If you are not sure if a graphic designer is necessary for your business, here are 4 reasons why you should consider hiring one ASAP!

1. Recognition and Professionalism

In our article on Branding Manuals and Toolkits, we talk about how important it is to stick to the company’s brand image since this will give you recognition, demonstrate professionalism and help you stay within the audience where your potential customers are.

This brand image, however, cannot just be a cute typography and a .png image. The cleaner and more attractive a logo is, the more it adds possibilities to create a connection with customers who will hire your services without thinking twice. And a graphic designer can help you reach the perfect image for your brand.

2. Internal Unity

Clancy Clarke of Design Crowd, explains that the image is not only present for customers, but also for employees. A graphic designer will be responsible for creating a brand identity for people within your company, and this will make the work environment more cheerful and healthy, since it will represent equality and familiarity among them. Whether it is uniforms, stationery or internal communications, if your employees identify with your brand, it will be easier for them to sell it to potential customers.

3. Visual Communication

The importance of having a graphic designer goes far beyond the brand image! We cannot put aside advertising, for example. If you want to create banners that will be all around the city or run a Facebook ad with a special offer – that is a function that only a visual communicator can fullfil.

Today, social media is one of the greatest sources to find customers, and the content you create should be as visually appealing as much as your brand image: there must be consistency between who you are and what you create!

4. Money

Let’s say you order business cards for your employees, but choose to save money and get it done by a non-professional. When you print the cards, they most likely will have printing errors or look cheap which will then lead you to hiring a graphic designer and redoing the whole process again.

Wouldn’t it have been cheaper for the company to hire a designer right away and avoid wasting time and money on the design that was a losing game from the start?

All in all, we advise not to overlook the importance of having a graphic designer in your team as this is the person who will contribute to the business growth in the long run. If you are ready to work with professionals and take your brand’s design to the next level, contact us here!

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