4 Steps To An Unskippable Video Ad According To Google

If you are an advertiser then chances are you’ve been wondering how can you change you ads to make them more effective. According to research by Google, the creative optimization revolves around 4 key areas: visual language, narrative structure, tuning for audience and creative systems. Let’s get down to each of them to see what is recommended to boost your ad’s impact.

Visual language

Tighter framing, faster pacing, large type supers, and bright high-contrast colors. These small tweaks can result in improvements ranging from 10% to 15% in ad recall and favorability.

Narrative structure

To make sure your ad captures viewers’ attention, start off high, and then pulse the story along like a heartbeat, adding in changes of perspective and unexpected shifts of direction to hold a viewer’s interest.

Tuning for audience

If you want your audience to tune into you, it’s important to understand how to tune into them. By understanding your audience’s evolving behaviour you can make choices that reflect their interests and passions, keeping them connected to what they care about. And that will significantly improve the creative response.

Creative systems

Explore sequencing you ads in different ways to capture and keep viewers’ attention. Experiment with 3 second, 30 second or 3 minute ads. Finding the right mix of forms and formats can make all the difference, taking viewers deeper into your story.

Remember, the only way to stay relevant is to experiment. All. The. Time.

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