How To Improve Your Christmas Campaign Planning According To Facebook

The way we shop for holidays is constantly changing. It is not about TV ads and window shopping anymore: think mobile, automation and broader audiences. Here are five key steps your brand can take to maximise growth at this vital time of year, according to the recent Facebook research.

1. Start early

Every third consumer in the UK starts their Christmas shopping before mid-November and one in 10 have finished the majority of their Christmas shopping by then!

2. Advertise on social

“Social is the new shop window,” according to Deloitte’s 2019 retail trends report.

Facebook and Instagram are becoming key discovery platforms for shoppers, so make sure to schedule your holiday advertising campaigns in advance so that you brand gets “window space” at this crucial time of the year.

3. Use automation for Black Friday period

Black Friday in 2019 could be a bigger opportunity than last year because it lands on the last pay day before Christmas. It also falls closer to Christmas than any other Black Friday since 2013: there will be six fewer shopping days between Black Friday and Christmas in 2019, compared to 2018.

4. Rethink the target

Facebook insights show that audiences can shift dramatically when it comes to Christmas shopping. For example, British women were 1.54x more likely to make a tech purchase over the Christmas period than they were during the first quarter of the year.

5. Remove friction

As shoppers get later in the shopping season, their focus shifts from discounts and free shipping to worrying about speed of delivery and availability.

Remember, holiday season isn’t about magic – it’s about insights. We are HERE to help you figure them out to prepare your brand for the peak period.

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