Why It’s Important To Stick To Branding Manuals And Toolkits

Entrepreneur brands often make a very common mistake: despite having brand guidelines, they toss their corporate image aside. Why do we call it an error? Because when you make decisions as big as the image of your brand, you should have in mind that getting out of those guidelines can have an impact on your customers and your audience.

In case you’re starting a brand, and don’t know the importance of your Brand Manual, here are 3 reasons why it is important to stick to it.

1. Being recognized

Let’s say that Coca-Cola decides to start using yellow instead of red one day, how many customers will be confused or even argue that it’s the same brand? How many customers won’t recognize it? Probably thousands for both cases.

Therefore, it’s important that we always stay within the color palette, fonts and style that we define when creating our brand. Because these are the elements which our clients and customers associate us with!

2. Demonstrate professionalism

Following the same example of Coca-Cola, it’s a brand that has had the same colors and fonts for decades, this shows that they are a company committed to its guidelines, values, customers and its audience preferences.

If you’re a brand of carbonated drinks emerging in the market, how many people will pick you over the most famous brands, if you are constantly reinventing your image? This shows immaturity and lack of confidence.

If you’re not ready to commit to standards, or are not consistent with what you’re selling, chances are that in your audience, there’s no one ready to commit to you.

3. They’re there for a reason!

When you start a business or brand, the first thing that is defined is your brand identity, this includes: your mission, vision, core values, personality and tone.

Remember that each of these sections were analyzed, worked out and developed based on the best market for your brand, to ensure the success and growth of your new business. So constantly reinventing yourself outside these rules means that your audience is changing as much as you are. How are you going to grow within a niche, if the niche is not defined?

Do you need help defining your brand parameters? Contact us HERE, and let’s grow together!

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