Holiday Pre-Season Marketing: Dos And Don’ts

September is here which means holiday pre-season planning begins now. To help you figure out the direction, Shopify collected proprietary data from more than 50 businesses, all of which generate over $10 million in annual revenue, about their plans, strategies and benchmarks for the holiday season. Based on it, we have gathered 5 dos and don’ts to help you get started.

Turns out, a quarter of all respondents begin holiday planning in September, and more than 15% kick things off as early as in June!

So DO start planning for your holiday campaigns now and allow yourself time to build new audiences which you can retarget later.

While ad spend skyrockets over the holidays, with a 140% increase in cost per click (CPC), average order value (AOV) does not.

So DON’T assume your AOV will go up just because of the holiday season, but rather think of a strategy on how to boost it.

First of all, DO new customer acquisition through paid advertising that begins building audiences before costs soar (i.e., a delayed-attribution model and heavy emphasis on retargeting).

Meaning DON’T wait for November to start launching your ads! Remember 3 stages of consumer’s journey: awareness – consideration – decision. You can’t skip them no matter the time of the year.

So DO buy your traffic early to build audiences on social. This can be done through engagement ads during the weeks leading up to the holidays to create custom audiences that your holiday campaign can later target. It can also be done by running click-through ads to build retargeting audiences.

Among 25 new customer acquisition channels here are the top-5 rated the most effective:

1) Facebook Paid

2) Instagram Paid

3) Search Paid

4) Instagram Organic

5) Search Organic (SEO)

DO use these channels – they have proven to work. DON’T even waste money on “old” media such as TV, radio and print.

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