8 Free Resource Pages To Help You Create Beautiful Designs

For a designer, the most important tool to work with is creativity. However, it’s not the only one. All of the pieces we create are composed of many elements that sometimes go unnoticed. These elements such as photos, videos, fonts, illustrations, shapes, though might not look very appealing on their own, when we find a way to put them together, they create a powerful art piece.  

And yes, we can create each and every single element from scratch, by ourselves. But if you want to save time, or simply don’t know where to start, here are 8 pages where you can find all of the resources you need to create a beautiful design piece from zero.



Among content creators, this is the most popular website to download fonts. I think it has the most unique and fun typographies. However, though it’s collection is infinite, it might not be the best option when it comes to finding extensive families.

Google Fonts

This is also one of the most extensive collections of fonts you can find for free! Unlike on Dafont, here you can find hundreds of families that match your audience and brand’s messaging (in case you want to find out more about how fonts affect the way your brand is seen, check out our post about Font Psychology).

Be Fonts

What we love most about this website is that it gives you a preview of the font you want on various backgrounds, that might end up inspiring you to create new pieces. Also, a little tip: Sometimes, this page has paid fonts for free! So maybe next time you fall in love for a very expensive font, double check in here and you might get lucky!

Illustrations, Shapes & Vectors


This site has saved us more times that we can count! Even if you use it purely for  inspiration, Freepik has everything: shapes, icons, templates – you name it and we bet they have it! However, we don’t recommend using it all the time: since it’s so popular, you might end up using the same thing as many other people. 


This resource is for a very specific type of designs, since it’s very thematic with it’s illustrations. Overall their designs are beautiful, and if you like little people as the main characters of your designs, I recommend you go ahead and try it!


Humaans might seem a little similar to Undraw, but it’s definitely a whole different world! This site works with Dropbox, and they have a huge collection of little characters! Not only that, but also, they have all the elements you need to create your own personalized, illustrated, version of yourself!

Stock Images


This site is incredible and will surely help when you’re in search for stunning stock images, the only thing you need to find the right photo is to be specific! Though it’s only a photo resource, it’s definitely worth checking out!


Not only does this site offer beautiful photos, just as Unsplash, but it also has a very big video collection! Any size and quality you want, they have it! Does it get any better than that? Well, this time it will, because a little bonus for you: they also have an illustration section!

Now that you’re all well informed about the best sites to get resources from, it’s time to practice! But if you decide all of this is too much work for you, contact us HERE and get your custom proposal for an amazing result that you won’t find in any of these pages!

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