3 Steps Of Creating A Digital Video That Sells

Shoppers research now more than ever. And whether they’re just discovering a product or making a purchase, it’s digital platforms like YouTube that help them along the way. 

To be exact, 90% of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube, and over 40% of global shoppers say they’ve purchased products they found on YouTube. 

So how to make sure the branded video they watch turns browsers into shoppers? Here are 3 main steps, according to Youtube creators.

1. Showcase your products in a unique way

“Find a way to make it fun and different, and you’ll attract more viewers,” says Sylvia Gani, a creator focusing on beauty tutorials.

Think about it: the majority of brands (perhaps yours is among them) are too afraid to look funny or silly and prefer a more serious – and inevitably boring and skippable approach. Maybe fooling around isn’t such a bad thing if it brings you awareness? 

2. Show viewers how to use your products

55% of people say they search for a product on Google and then learn more by going to YouTube before they buy it. Why? Because they want to see other people using it!

Jose Zuniga, a creator of the Teaching Men’s Fashion channel, says: “It’s easier to communicate the value of a product through video. And seeing a product’s value helps people envision themselves using it, which makes them more likely to buy it.”

3. Make it easy for people to buy

Today’s shoppers are looking for seamless and frictionless experience when it comes to switching between stages of buyer’s journey, meaning if the purchase decision has been made while watching the video they have to be able to shop immediately – or you might loose the customer. 

Make taking action simple and easy. It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s critically important to give viewers clear instructions on what to do if they like your offer. Consider the way Yoox did it in an innovative campaign: from the start of its ads, Yoox told users, “Don’t miss it!” with a clickable invitation to “Shop Now.” Follow its lead and make it easy for people to convert.

4. Study the competition

In a world where everyone’s launching their own business, it’s important to make sure you are hiring the best in the business and the ones that will grab your product and treat it as their own. In our case, here’s a list of Miami Video Production Companies that we like to check before we deepen into any project.

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