5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Long-form Videos & How To Create Them

When creating videos, we often think “as short as possible” is the best way to go, as we believe that consumers’ attention span is short and they are likely to skip long-form videos.

The truth is, long-form videos (according to Google, long-form videos are those longer than 10 minutes) are actually a better way to engage viewers. In 2017, longer videos on Facebook received 79% more shares and 74% more views than short videos.

So if you haven’t added long-form videos to your content strategy yet, here are the 5 reasons you should consider:

1. Viewers are willing to watch longer

Youtube creators made them get used to long-form content:

“I think audiences have started to consume YouTube more like traditional TV. A 20-minute time stamp can seem like a lot to commit to when you click on something, but we’ve seen completely the opposite.” Safiya Nygaard

2. You have a better chance to tell a story

And by telling a compelling one you can create a strong emotional connection with viewers and make them really engage with the brand. It’s an excellent opportunity to change the way the audience thinks about the brand and also make them feel like a part of your community. One amazing example is Patagonia’s Worn Wear: a Film About the Stories We Wear video.

3. You can educate your audience

It’s always easier to show than to explain, that’s why how-to videos have been consistently trending during the past years. Watching someone else already doing it makes the process easier for understanding, feels more relatable and inspires action like nothing else. Tasty has some of the best examples of educating with videos.

4. You can create a connection

Why do we love movies and series so much? They make us wonder through the worlds that don’t exist and fall in love with characters we never met, yet we can’t help but feel almost heartbroken once the final credits go on. All because we manage to develop a connection with the story and get emotionally attached to it. And it can be used for brands, too.

5. You have a higher chance to inspire action

Once people feel like they’ve learned enough online, they’re motivated to get started in real life. And that’s when “can do” turns into “must buy.”

How to create a long-form video

Set your goals

Before you create a long-form video, it’s important to know what you’re aiming for. Is it to build brand awareness, get leads or make a connection with your audience? Depending on the answer, you’ll have to adapt your video to your needs.

Make it as long as you need it

Tell the full story no matter how long it would take. When trying to keep it simple and short, depending on the subject matter, it might feel rushed. If it’s a complex topic, it’s better to explain and tell as much as necessary.

Show your audience how

As said before, long-form videos are a great tool to educate your audience. Think of questions your consumers might ask about your brand or product and answer them through a video.

Be creative

In order to get your video watched, it’s important to grab the attention of viewers from the first seconds so they stay hooked. Keep in mind some creative principles like opening your content with impactful visuals and use never seen before creative styles.

Make it a sequence

To make your audience engage with the brand continuously, turn a long-form video into a series by using the same characters to build a story.

As long-form videos are getting more powerful than ever, don’t be afraid to try it for your brand.

If you don’t know where to start, check our video work HERE and contact us so we can help you find a way to bring your vision to life.

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