Why You Should Start Writing Long Instagram Captions

Most of the social media blogs and gurus for years have been teaching us that Instagram is all about visuals so “keep the caption short-and-sweet“.

The text has been massively overlooked.

Whether it’s a brand, a fashion influencer or a travel blogger, their captions rarely contain something other than some dry facts, a few adjectives, ambiguous phrases or quotes that are supposed to sound cool but bring little or no value or context to their followers.

However, this trend is not supported worldwide. In Russia, for instance, (5th leading country based on a number of Instagram users) a caption is nearly as important as an image you post. Majority of Russian influencers use all 2200 characters of a caption length to share how they feel, facts about their personal life, educate on the topic of their blog, reflect on the events happening in the country, and more.

Sometimes they even screenshot their notes with the rest of the text and post as a carousel when caption doesn’t fit it all.

Why is this happening?

First of all, by 2019, we all are fed up with filtered snaps of adventurous / luxurious lives and want something real. We want to see people’s behind the scenes, not just their highlight reel. We want to know their stories, ups and downs, emotions, conflicts, dramas.

Secondly, we want the time spent online to bring value not just realization that our lives are not as exciting as somebody else’s.

Thirdly, we want to learn new things and get inspired so we can go do something too.

And caption is the easiest way to give all that to your followers.

In return, you’ll see engagement you could never get with a no-caption post. And I mean genuine feedback and thoughts not just “omg love this” kind of comments. People only wait to be invited to share their thoughts. Once they see you opened up, you’d be surprised to find out how much they all have to say!

So, a benefit from writing long captions #1:

You’ll start a conversation. Post by post, comment by comment, you’ll learn which topics drive engagement and which don’t. You’ll start getting more direct messages simply because people will think you’re open for a chat.

A benefit #2:

People are curious by nature. Even if they don’t have anything to say just yet, they will be reading your captions. And one of the factors that affects how your Instagram post performs in the algorithm is “time spent on post.” So what’s an easy way to increase the time people spend looking at your post? Correct! By writing an engaging (and long) caption.

Now, do you see that long caption is a win – win no matter what?

If you don’t believe us, here’s what GaryVee has to say about that:

“Copy aka the sentences that support your posts on social media is easily the most underestimated aspect of content these days. I believe as more people become aware of how different things “perform” based on the copy not just the image or video, more will lean into the incredible skill that is copywriting”

If copywriting is not your strength, our team will be happy to help you with captions for your personal or your brand’s Instagram. We’ll identify topics you can write about and teach you basic techniques or we can do it all for you so you don’t have to worry about captions and focus on your business, instead. Contact us HERE.

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