4 Ways To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Exchanging business cards is a part of the first impression you’re making on the new acquaintance, whether it’s a potential client or a co-working space neighbor. And because first impression matters, creating an attractive and well-designed card is important so you can be easily remembered after your first encounter. Here are 4 design solutions that can make your business card stand out from the rest.


Less is more, and it applies to business cards, too. Choosing a minimalistic design with fewer elements will help you focus the attention of the person looking at it on the most important information, it will also help easily identify the main message and what your brand or service is about. Minimalistic business cards look professional and yet are surprisingly memorable. Plus, by not giving away too much, you make the person want to find out more, so chances are he will look you up simply out of curiosity.

Unique shapes

Most of the business cards you get have a conventional rectangular shape, so naturally, cards that have different shapes stand out and make people want to take another look at it. You can also play with the shape of the card relating it to your industry. For instance, if you have a beauty salon, your business card can be comb-shaped. But it’s not necessary to make a drastic change in the shape in order to be unique – you could have a round shaped card for example, and because is not what we are used to seeing, your card will have an impact.

Make it functional

Business card’s initial function is to provide contact information. But it could also become a tool. Make it useful, interactive, or use it to provide a unique experience related to your company – it will surely stand out. The key is to connect your business card’s function to your product or service. For example, if you are a technology company, your card could work as a USB card. These kinds of cards can be a little bit more expensive but they surely will make an impression!

Direct to your social media

Most companies today have at least one social media account, and for some, it’s literally the face of their brand. If you’re working hard on creating high-quality, relevant social media content, it might be a good idea to make your business card direct people to your page. Chances are, they’ll get excited about the things you do and give you a follow. All you have to do is add a QR code connected to your Facebook or Instagram that will instantly take your new acquaintance to your social media page.

Where to start?

There are lots of resources that can help you create stunning business card design without having to pay a branding agency or a graphic designer. Here are some of our favorite ones.

Canva: on this website, you get to choose several templates to design not only business cards but content for your social media, email headers and much more. You can customize templates by adding your images, add text, choose colors and organize elements as you want. It’s simple, online and free.

Designhill: a much simpler, free website where you can create your business card from zero. You can add images and texts and place them as you like.

Moo: with Moo, you can create a unique business card with features no other website or app can provide, like paper quality and thickness, glow effect, matte finish and much more. You can either choose one of the available templates or upload your own design. The printing can get pricey but the result is totally worth it!

Although the digital era makes us think paper materials are going to disappear soon, business cards are hard to replace. They are a great marketing and branding tool and are useful when promoting a business. It also shows professionalism, good impression of your brand and delivers contact information easily. Making them stand out will show your creativity and make people hard to forget about you and your business, increasing your chances of having potential clients.

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