5 Graphic Design Trends of 2019

Design field is evolving fast – mostly in terms of technology. New software is coming out every once in a while and graphic designers have to keep up. But it’s not enough. To make your projects really stand out from others, you also have to be aware of the latest graphic trends so you can offer a fresh, innovative work to your clients.

So, what are the top graphic design trends of 2019?

3D Design

After all these years we’ve been told flat design was the way to go? Yes. 3D design is gaining popularity as a 2019 trend. Three-dimensional designs allow you not only to generate depth but to create new dimensions to your work and bring life to it.

Fast-evolving technology allows graphic designers create 3D works with easy and, most importantly, free software tools that can be used even by beginners.

Vivid & Neon Colors

One of the main purposes of graphic design is – and will always be – to catch the attention of the viewer. What better way to do it than using bright, vivid colors that make your work stand out.

Vivid colors are not only eye-catching, they also add a futuristic look and feel to designs, which has been a huge trend this year.

Gradients & Duotones

You might think gradient is for PowerPoint presentations’ backgrounds and it’s not professional, but the truth is, gradient has been popping out since last year and became even more creative in 2019.

Graphic designers have been using gradient not only on the background but almost everywhere – from pictures and videos to typography.

Bold Typography

Typography is an important part of design, so with new trends in graphic design, naturally there will come new trends in typography. Since last year, typography has been used not just to accompany the design and deliver certain messages, but rather became a centerpiece of the design itself joining other elements.

Strong, bold typography makes the message to pop out even more, giving strength and innovation to the design. Plus, bold fonts are easier to read on digital platforms like mobile.

Realism + Flat Elements

When creating something new, you might use either realistic or flat elements in your design, but why not try both? Yes, at the same time.

Opposites attract even in graphic design. Mixing different types of elements is eye-catching and creates a completely surprising, never seen before composition. The combination of realism and flat elements can also create a futuristic look and feel in your design.

2019 has been an interesting year for graphic design – trends went from futuristic look to genuine feelings. Graphic design has been a big part of any business in the recent years and it probably will become an even bigger part of companies – so it is important to know what’s trending so that your company or brand evolves along with your viewers, clients and consumer needs so your business grows as well.

If you are not a graphic designer but want to start somehow, here you can read about the best tools & apps to edit photos and create basic graphic design.

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