How to Grow Your Brand’s Instagram Without Hiring Anyone

Sounds like a challenge, huh?

But even if you don’t have money to invest in hiring a team of professionals you still stand a chance in a digital world. You might even be better off without them. It’s just gonna take LOTS of time.

And by LOTS I mean social media has to become a part of your daily routine like seeing your patients, doing a sales report, or teaching dancing – whatever it is that you’re doing for your business to thrive.


If only our minds evolved as fast as smartphones these days.

Get your hands on one of the latest models and you’ll get a super high-resolution camera for photo and video recording including some awesome features such as portrait mode that blurs the background and slow motion, plus tons of free apps where you can edit the footage, add filters, music, and even do basic graphic design. Some of our favourite ones you can find HERE.

This is honestly enough to produce organic content for your brand’s social media. But what kind of content?

If you can’t come up with a content strategy, just…


Remember the time before Instagram became a global market place? We all shared awkward selfies and funny snaps of our pets and family dinners. We basically documented our lives and – guess what – people interacted with it regardless of filters!

To start, give yourself a task to create one story every day no matter what. It can be about a team building session, rehearsal, coffee break, unboxing new products, client meeting, writing a script – anything that’s a part of your work routine.

Once you get the hang of it and get used to documenting things that you do, move on to the next level and start “staging” little stories. Meet the team, client’s testimonial, quick product review.

Will it be awkward? Yes. Will the people refuse when you ask them to speak or even appear on camera? Absolutely. It should not discourage you.

You do this for your brand – only by posting A LOT of DIFFERENT content you’ll understand what works and what doesn’t, what’s engaging and what makes people follow you.


This takes even more courage than asking others to be on camera, but your efforts will be rewarded by the booming engagement that you’ll notice once you “break the fourth wall” and start talking directly to your audience.

People LOVE knowing who is behind all the sales promotions, special offers, and product releases. This direct interaction will help them develop a sense of connection with you, and as a consequence, your brand.


Not enough just to post and wait for potential customers to discover you. You need to be sociable! There’s one organic and free way to grow your Instagram that we have tested and proven that it works, which is $1,80 strategy: daily commenting under 1o top/recent posts under 10 most relevant for your niche hashtags/locations. More about this strategy & 3 more tricks to organic Instagram growth you can read HERE.

Just by following these four steps DOCUMENT – SHOW YOUR FACE – SOCIALIZE every single day I guarantee you’ll see results as soon as in 1 month of consistent work, such as an increase in page visits, engagement with your content and possibly even comments and stories replies.

Yes, I meant to say four steps because CONSISTENCY is the fourth one and maybe the most important of them. On social media, consistency is the key – both for the audience and for you – the more you do something the better you become at it, isn’t it true?

And (this one makes me sad, but I can’t think of a better analogy now) the more often you hear Ariana Grande songs on the radio the more likely you are to name her the top pop female artist from the top of your head.

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