How To Start A Business At 22

START TODAY. No matter what you want to do: a Youtube vlog, selling swimwear, or, perhaps, fidget spinners, in each and every guide on how to start your company you’ll find one common suggestion: start as early as you can. Start now. Don’t wait till you get your degree, relevant experience, decent starting capital or important connections. Perfect timing is an illusion, it never comes. Every day though comes with 24 hours in it and endless opportunities to become one step closer to your dream.

I’m no expert, but from my experience with Share it Studio, I know that not being fully certain about what exactly you want to do, shouldn’t stop you from acting. Most likely, you’ll sort it out in the process. We are all masterpieces in the making. (Keyword is MAKING!).

“Let everyone else call your idea crazy… just keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t even think about stopping until you get there, and don’t give much thought to where “there” is. Whatever comes, just don’t stop”.

Phil Knight, Founder of Nike

LET YOUR FEAR MOTIVATE YOU. Share it Studio was born when Rafael and I, realized we both are equally scared of one thing: being stuck in the office making someone else rich i.e. having a boss(es). How to avoid that? Start your own company, where YOU are the boss.

It doesn’t mean we don’t work for anyone else. Bills won’t pay for themselves, so while working on your start-up you still need a job. It might be frustrating, yet it brings you stable paycheck and experience that you may find useful further down the road. We both still work part-time as restaurant hosts. As strange as it might seem, this very job enabled us to get clients for our video production business.

Even a full-time job doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no time to work on your passion. Having a strong desire to do what you love and making a profit out of it, makes you reconsider your work ethic. Fear of not getting “there” makes you prioritize. Get up earlier, go to bed later, spend wisely, have just one day off or none, instead of the whole weekend. These adjustments to life habits and work schedule bring tremendous change. You get the most precious asset, the time that is needed to run your company.

WORK FOR FREE. Or for a miserable paycheck. How much you make shouldn’t be the primary goal when you’re starting. Nike can’t afford to give away their shoes for free now, but who does not know Nike? Now count how many people know that your brand exists. If the number is less impressive, I suggest that instead of chasing money, you focus on raising awareness by all means.

The very first video we made, was for “free”, with only one intention, getting noticed.

It was for the large Australian hospitality brand Vue Group, where Rafael works as a host. Whenever it was appropriate, he never missed a chance to talk about his passion for video.

In February they introduced new staff uniforms created by local designer. That’s when restaurant manager of Vue de monde approached Rafael asking to take some pictures. Rafael agreed and offered, “Why don’t we make a video?”

They did not ask for it, we just saw the opportunity and grasped it. So, basically, we asked for it.

This step was essential to shake the right hands and establish connections that became far more valuable for us than the immediate profit. Yes, it is hard to step on your pride and pocket – the job wasn’t any different from a paid one – it took a lot of hard work, time and creativity, but the outcome proved to be worth it. They loved it, and we ended up getting more projects with the same company.

Four months later, large real estate development company SP Setia entrusted us with two major projects and rewarding profit. Looking back we realize that it was possible only because of that first video that we thought we created for “free”.

More stories to follow. Thank you for reading this post, and please let us know what you think below.

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